Trending Designs of Wedding Cakes in 2019
Oct 09 2019

The wedding season is here, and we all are excited about the new wedding cake designs of 2019. In the USA, this is the main time to get hitched up and believe me when I say that the preparations are on the go. People have started to send cakes in UK to their loved ones to congratulate the couple for their big days. Even the couple have started searching for the best wedding cakes for their big day. It is very obvious that for every woman, her wedding cake has to be something that can be remembered for ages. 


To make your task more comfortable, we went through a lot of cakes that had the artistry of hand painters, coverings of candies, and many other things. By the end, we got some trending designs of cakes that can be perfect for your wedding. Some cakes depicted the story of your life, whereas some of them matched your couture. Every design is different and can stun you and your guests with its beauty. We have listed below some of the heavenly designed cakes that will make your big day more special.

Satisfying Ombre Wedding Cakes

What if you get a beautiful and pleasing ombre effect on your cake. The light-to-dark effect is not just for clothes but now have also been added to the wedding cakes. These ombre effect cakes can make your wedding not just beautiful but also give it life. Ombre means the subtle shade of the color from light to dark that then creates a striking celebration. This effect can be shown best on the multi-tiered cakes as they will be huge enough to show all the shades. The nude ombre and blue ombre cakes are trending these days. 

An alternative to the cake, one can also go for a stack of ombre colored cupcakes to achieve the ombre effect. This will surely look very different and striking.

Lustrous Metallic Wedding Cakes

Each of us loves bling and that too when it is a wedding celebration. What if this bling is also added to your favorite wedding cake. Now you don’t need to worry about how to add gold and silver to your wedding decoration. You can surely ask your cake designer to make a statement cake that is stylish and adds glamour to your day. Sometimes rather than adding too much bling to a cake, one can add golden sparkles and foils to the cake. 

Doughnut Cakes

This year there were a lot of trends, and with all those came this Doughnut Cake. It will not just be different but also save a lot on your pocket. This doughnut cake is another way to feed your guests some yummy doughnuts from this huge pile of yummy and colorful doughnuts.

Royal White Wedding Cakes

A white wedding cake is a must at every wedding. It is exactly like your little black dress that is a necessity for every occasion as it is never going out of style. The white wedding cakes are a popular choice and have been in demand forever. One can contrast the white cake with black flowers or beads. You can also ask your designer to use edible laces of pastel colors on the cakes to make it vintage. Also, you can use the piped embroidery and 3D sugar flowers to give your wedding cake a fancy look. One can mold the cakes into hexagon and ovals to make them more extraordinary.

Ice cream Wedding Cakes

The ice cream wedding cakes are perfect for any summer wedding and will surely delight your guests. One can make this cake as colorful as they want by adding lemons, strawberries, and many other flavors to it. You have to be sure about taking proper care of this ice cream cake.

Floral Cakes

Flowers have always been a delight when added to any decor or couture. But in 2019, these flowers have been added to your wedding cakes. Both sugared and fresh flowers have become a part of weddings. As in the fresh flowers are used for bouquets, and the sugared flowers are used to make a mini bouquet that will be added to your wedding cake. Always remember that to make the flowers look more attractive, choose a base of muted colors. 

 Painted Wedding Cakes

The hand-painted cakes take your wedding to another dimension by making your wedding clicks look amazing. Freehand painting is a good option for you to make it wonderful. You can also ask your cake designer to add a lot of colorful floral paintings and make it amazing. The stained-glass painting and marbleized cakes look very stunning and attractive. The tip while making this to keep in mind that never go for this cake in summers. 

Candy-Covered Wedding Cakes

A candy-covered wedding cake has become one of the most trending cakes among people. It includes a lot of eateries in it which look the most beautiful cake. The candy cakes can be of a single-tier to a multi-tiered cake with some dose of sweetest candies added to it. It includes gummy bears, jellybeans, candy sticks, macaroons, marshmallows, mints, etc. These candy cakes also use rainbow drips for creating an illusion of waterfalls.

Couture Cakes

 We have seen a lot of weddings that their cakes are inspired by the design of the wedding dress. These cakes are decorated with pieces of jewelry, diamonds, and beads. These items mimic the dress very nicely and easily. Some of the best cake bakers can work with the designer and make the best wedding cake.                 

These were some of the weddings make designs that are trending in the market right now. You can choose any of them and get the cake delivery in the UK at your doorstep. These cakes are not just beautiful to see but are also delicious to eat. If you want to surprise your better half on your wedding day, then order some huge and delicious wedding cake for her. So, go ahead and place your order with an online cake store in the Uk.

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