Mouth And Throat Cancer: Symptoms And Treatment
Jul 19 2019


Cancer happens when the cells divide rapidly and in an uncontrollable pattern damaging and harming the surrounding. Oral cancer can be observed in the oral cavity or the upper region of the throat. According to an oncologist in Patna, this usually starts as a sore that becomes and stubborn and does not cure. Oral cancer can be benign and malignant. 



  • Some of the causes of mouth and throat cancer are-
  • Smoking and chewing tobacco
  • Excessive alcohol intake
  • Sun exposure
  • Poor diet
  • Family history

Cancer hospital in Patna says that the risk factors increase with age and are more common in men than in women. However, sometimes even people with no risk factors suffer from cancer.



If diagnosed at an early stage, the survival rate increases. Cancer hospitals in India say that sometimes the signs and symptoms are not visible at an early stage. Some of the common symptoms include-

  • Numbness or loss of feeling in the mouth region.
  • Sores that bleed and do not heal.
  • Swelling.
  • Bleeding in the mouth region.
  • Sore throat.
  • Pain in the ear.
  • Difficulty in movement of the jaw.
  • Difficulty in swallowing.
  • Change in the structure of the dentures.
  • Dramatic weight loss.
  • A painless lump in the lip, mouth or throat.



The top hospital in Patna says oral cancer can be diagnosed during a routine dental checkup. If the dentist finds any lumps in the mouth region, they may recommend certain cancer screening tests. Scalpel biopsy is one of them. These tests are performed usually on anaesthesia and can help in detecting it early.

Mouth and throat cancer treatment can follow different paths according to the stage and the type of cancer.

  • In the early stage, it is treated either by surgery or radiation. However, as the stage progresses, both surgery and radiation can be used in the treatment.
  • In advanced stages, chemotherapy is used to treat cancer.

After the medical procedures are done, the patient is recommended a certain diet. A speech therapist would be helpful for patients with swallowing or speech disabilities after the treatment. If any muscle or nerve activity is compromised, then a physical therapist might be needed.


The best mouth cancer hospital in India recommends certain preventive measures for oral cancer. Some of these include-

  • Restricting the use of tobacco in any form.
  • Regular exercise.
  • A healthy diet which includes all the vitamins and minerals in the necessary amount. The diet should be rich in vegetables.
  • Usage of sunscreens or UV rays protecting skin lotion when is exposed to sunlight directly. Also, try to limit exposure.
  • Go for a regular check-up to your dentist as they are the ones to detect cancer at an early stage. 

Notice early signs, check out for lumps or sores that can be present on the lining of the cheek, jaw or throat.

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