How to Turn Cereal Boxes into a Unique Storage Container
Aug 30 2019


If you think that the leftovers of the boxes from cereals are of no use, think again, and think carefully because they can be converted into something. Something that looks good, rich, and useful for your daily storage purposes. Cereal containers are hard, rigid and robust if used correctly and they can become the best storage containers you have at your homes. It is instead an inexpensive way to glamour up your homes too, if not for storage purposes, cereal containers along with some boxes can generate several possible ideas for things to make for your room, washroom and for your kitchen too.

Cheap but Innovative

One of the most innovative ideas is to turn your leftover boxes of cereal into a good looking attractive organizer case. There are a series of steps in which you can convert your disposable packs of cereal into something you can use for a far more extended period of time.

  • Take at least four empty mini cereal boxes that has a net weight of 300 grams when full.
  • Cut down all the flaps from the opening side of the cereal box in order to make them sleek and for better outlook when finished.
  • Now you have an opening from one of the sides, for the four portions of the organizer that you are going to make.
  • Stick two of the boxes with glue and leave them to dry out.
  • Do the same with the rest of them and glue them together, all four of them.
  • Take a magnetic tape and stick it out at all the adjacent ends to make sure the organizer is as firm as it can get.
  • Now you will have a rough idea of what you are going to make.
  • Print out some abstracts and paste it on both of the rectangular plains, at the sides and under it too.
  • You almost have your organizer now.
  • You can either put this organizer on your study table in facing the open end towards the top to keep your valuables in.
  • You can either paste it along the wall in any way you feel comfortable, and you have your organizer that is both, cheap and innovative.

Make your own drawer.

The most exquisite way to make a drawer is by the help of Kraft boxes and some cereal boxes. Though the drawers made out of wood and steel are strong and efficient for longer periods of time they cost too much. The cheapest way to make a drawer case according to how you want it to be is on its way here.

  • Take four equally sized standard Kraft boxes and four boxes of cereal.
  • Use a regular stapler to hold together two of the Kraft boxes.
  • Use a heavy-duty stapler to hold together the back of the two packs and at the sides as well to make them strong.
  • Glue the flaps of the insides to keep them in one place.
  • Repeat the same for the other two boxes.
  • Glue them all together using a hot glue gun.
  • Add duct tape to the back of the Kraft boxes.
  • Cut down the flaps of the cereal boxes.

Measure where you want them to be inside the Kraft boxes and mark them, this will let you know how short or long the flaps of the Kraft boxes should be.

Cut off all of the axes of the Kraft boxes with a pair of scissors.

You will probably have some lightweight wood in your backyard, take it out and cut it accordingly as the sides of the big boxes.

  1. Attach them with the hot glue gun on all of the sides.
  2. Take out some old plank and spray paint it white to look good and attach them at the measured places.
  3. You have a rough view of your drawer by now.
  4. Make it stand upside down and put in the boxes of cereals, at the desired space, that is already cut down and painted.
  5. The flaps of the Kraft boxes will help you like the cover of the top two drawers and the same for the bottom ones.
  6. Make sure to attach small magnets on the flaps and just above the boxes of cereals that will act like locks, so the drawer will not open itself.
  7. The rest of the spaces can be left open.
  8. Design the Drawer graphically as you would want it to be.
  9. Place it in a corner or at the side of your bed, whatever suits you.
  10. You have your cheap, long-lasting fantastic drawer.

These are just some of the ways you can use your leftover cereals to make some worthy and lasting things out from. Simple boxes of cereals can be cut down, painted and placed for the use of putting in pencils, books, and other lightweight material too.

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