Best Hotels And Restaurants In Singapore You Should Choose For A Fun Filled Holiday
Aug 07 2019


Singapore, one of the finest countries in the world has everything amazing from amazing food to amazing architecture. Exploring this country will be the easiest part of the finest transportation system in the country.

If you are planning your holiday to Singapore, refer to these best 3 star hotels in Singapore that’ll make your vacation a wonderful one:

1. Sofitel So Singapore

Located in Singapore’s central district, Sofitel So Singapore is a luxurious hotel giving all the luxurious facilities. Being in a business district, this hotel is equally convenient for people traveling to Singapore for business purposes. All the rooms here have a fine texture on the walls and that french touch which you will love. It is one of the best 3-star hotels in Singapore providing all the 4-star facilities. You will feel welcomed and pampered here.

2. Andaz Singapore

Resting between Kampong Gham and Bugis, Andaz Singapore is the hotel chain that comes under Hyatt. You’ll find all the rooms colored in pastel colors and the vibe surrounding this room gonna be just the place you’ll want to be after exploring the city. The rooftop bar, two huge pools, amazing city views from the windows, Andaz Singapore is a perfect choice.

3. Park Avenue Rochester Hotel

With the beautiful garden surrounding it and situated close to some crucial spots like supermarket, business hubs and airport, the stay at this hotel will definitely save your transportation cost. Wide parking area along with big pools you’ll like the fun and casual vibe surrounding Park Avenue. Park Avenue is already a well-reputed hotel chain and will not disappoint you in Singapore as well.

4. Hotel 81 Changi

If you want to try each and every dish or cuisine available in Singapore, you should definitely choose Hotel 81 Changi which is one of those 3-star hotels in Singapore which has a street bursting with cafes, coffee shops, and other prominent eating joints. It is also very close to the Singapore Flyer and Bedok Mall. Hot tub bath, restaurants, fitness center, free shuttle services everything for free with the stay.

5. Holiday Inn Express

Holiday Inn, another popular hotel chain has its hotel spread all over the world and you are lucky if you are visiting Singapore as here you will find Holiday Inn in almost all the cities. Satisfying its customers since 1999, you’ll select Holiday Inn on your every trip once you stay here.  Free ultra-high-speed wi-fi, exclusive shopping complexes, and beautiful little cafes and coffee shops what else do you expect from your hotel to offer.

Good food is a good mood, achieve all your food goals in these restaurants which offer dishes you won’t forget. The 5 of some amazing restaurants are:

1. Copper Chimney

Serving best Indian food in Singapore, if you are an Indian and is craving for your cuisine, head to Copper Chimney without a second thought. From stuffed parathas to authentic Indian shahi paneer, the food will leave you licking your fingers. A highly recommended restaurant in Singapore, Copper Chimney is what you’ll definitely love.

Location: 147 Syed Alwi Rd, Singapore 207706

2. The Line

It's difficult for a man to find out the starting point of praise for this restaurant, the ambiance, the decor, the vibe, the staff and finally the food, everything is on point here. Serving authentic Singaporean cuisine along with seafood, this hotel is just perfect. Yes, you don’t like seafood or don’t want to try  Singaporean cuisine, don’t worry my friend, they serve some amazing Indian and Asian dishes which will make going to this restaurant a ritual.

Location: 22 Orange Grove Road Shangri-La Hotel 22 Orange Grove Road, Singapore
3. Vianney Massot Restaurant

Vianney Massot Restaurant is one of the top-most recommended fine dining restaurants in Singapore.  The presentation of the food itself will be enough to make you want more. Food cooked by some of the finest chefs of the country, they give so much attention to the details and the colors and overall presentation that it’ll leave you awestruck and make you go crazy.

Location: 39 Hongkong Street, Singapore

4. Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh

Serving delicious mouthwatering food at a moderate price, you should definitely visit here once to feel the real essence of Singapore. Good food at cheap prices is a thrill we all love. Here people value money and will serve you an entire meal in Rs.300-500. Famous for Chinese, soups and Singaporean dishes.

Location: 6 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore

So, now you can spend more time on your shopping list now as your hotels and restaurants doubt is solved. Choose these amazing 3 star hotels in Singapore and food that’ll make your taste buds crave for more.

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