FAQs About Planning and Finding NYC Meeting Venues
Aug 02 2019

So, you decided to organize a meeting or a conference. That's awesome!

The planning will be your #1 concern and you'll need to get everything right from the first time. Finding the venue, organizing the schedule, welcoming the guests, sending out invitations and other issues should be solved before the conference. There are a lot of moving parts in the event organization business, and you'll have to know the answer to almost all of the common questions.

Where do you start? How many guests will come? How can I find a good venue? Are the guests comfortable? What will they need? Are there any nice venues near me?

Don't worry, most NYC meeting venues offer complete packages and are catered for specific types of events. Most are managed by companies that know how event organizing works and will want to help you create the best event.

So how can you start organizing your event? Which are the common questions you will need to find an answer to? And which are the answers?

Let's start.


What Type Of Meeting Do You Want To Organize?

Decide on a theme, a topic or a common idea – this will decide the type of meeting you will organize. Think about the unifying message you want to promote and the type of speakers you will invite. Also, the guests will have to know the specifics of the meeting.

What's Your Budget?

Your meeting can be either self-financed or it may be financed by private sponsors or donors. You'll need to know precisely the budget you have on your hands, so you can choose the venue, accommodation, transport, catering, fees, activities, and other services.

Do You Have The Date?

Before looking for a venue and searching for other services, you should have a fixed date for the event. This will help you coordinate all other services. Your guests will also be informed about the exact date of the meeting, so pay particular attention to this aspect.

Booking The Venue – What Do You Need To Know?

As soon as you have the date of the meeting, you can start the hunt for the right NYC meeting venues. There are tons of options to choose from, so pay attention to what you need.

What Type Of Venue Do You Need?

Here are some types of venues to choose from, depending on the type of meeting you are planning. If you were to search, “nice venues near me” you may across these options to choose from:

  • University campuses – they are suited for smaller, academic gatherings and conferences

  • hotels – they have dedicated conference rooms and facilities, plus their own catering services; they are the all-in-one choice for larger meetings

  • independent venues – these are very diverse and can range from smaller rooms for private meetings, to very large spaces, ideal for concerts and other major events

What Size Of Venue Are You Looking For?

Think about the size of your meeting or event and choose accordingly. A venue that is too small will create an overcrowded event and guests will leave. A venue too large will hurt your wallet and will disappoint your guests. Your event will seem poorly attended and uninteresting.

Where Is The Meeting? Are There Nice Venues Near Me?

The venue location is very important. Make sure to choose a quiet location, but easily accessible, so your guests can come or leave as they please.

What Type Of Atmosphere Are You Looking For?

A scientific conference will have a different atmosphere when compared to a wedding, so make sure you choose the right venue for your event. Keep in mind that some venues can be decorated for the event.

What Facilities Are You Looking For?

Make sure the layout of the venue is good for the meeting or conference. Look for NYC meeting venues that have smaller rooms for coffee breaks, a good sound system and other services you may need.

What About Catering?

Food and beverages are major components of a successful event and you must make sure they are good and your guests are pleased. Keep in mind any special dietary requirements for your guests – vegan, nut-free, kosher and so on.

What About Electronic Equipment?

Make sure the venue has all the electronic devices you may need during the event. These include IT, communication, audio, video equipment, as well as microphones, charging stations, WiFi, screens, and headphones.

Do You Have A Schedule For The Event?

After you have all the above in check, it's time to create your detailed agenda. This is where you decide what actually goes on during the event. Ideally, it should be prepared at least 3 months before the actual event. A basic agenda for a medium conference might look similar to this:

  • Day 1 – theme setting, an opening session with the main speaker, presentations, coffee breaks, and a casual dinner

  • Day 2 and 3 – hands-on sessions, workshops, small group lectures, Q&As with the speakers, shorter speaking sessions

  • Final Day – motivational speaking session, conclusions, and a final good-bye session

How Do You Promote Your Event?

You can't have a successful event if no one knows about it. No matter how awesome the schedule is, how professional the speakers are or how great the venue is, if nobody attends it, it will be a failure. This is why promotion is critical. Here's what to do:

  • create a website and provide all the information related to the event

  • create social media profiles and make sure they are active 

  • create leaflets, booklets and promote the event online

  • offer pre-registration discounts and other freebies – this will make the event more attractive to a larger number of people

How To Prepare For On-Site Planning?

Now, you will have to make sure everything is going according to plan during the actual event. You'll have to handle the wardrobe, the access area, check the refreshments and food and the surrounding areas. Also, make sure you know how to handle your guests' requests. They are, after all, your clients.

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