United Indian Thali " all the culture served together"
Apr 19 2019

  United Thali "all the culture severed together"

 Ardor 2.1 in Connaught place is going to launch a massive thali named " United India Thali”. This restaurant is already known for introducing interesting dishes for their customers. By introducing this super-sized option there is a storm on social media already. Now there is something special by them. An Indian thali includes 28 different cuisines from 28 states of India on a single plate which is designed in the shape of an Indian map, a person should try it to get different food in a thali. The thali serves 28 different food specialities from 28 states along with a 29th item that is 'Chowkidaar Parantha'.
All nations served in a thaliThe thali will be available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The veg variant include dishes like Paneer Butter Masala, Lithi Chokha, Dhokhla and Khandvi, Dal Panchrangiin, Aloo Posto and others. The non-veg variant include dishes like Chicken Butter Masala, Galouti Kabab, Mutton Pepper Fry, Goan Fish Curry, Chicken Shaphaley and others. All this accompanied with Pudina Chutney, Bhaang Chutney and Rasam with delectable Raj Bhog and Sago Kheer. The prices of veg thali starts from Rs.1999 and non-veg thali starts from Rs.2999 . This jaw dropping thali is touted to be the biggest thali in the entire country. This thali weighing more than 10 kgs. This thali is perfect for people who love to try new dishes and want to try the flavour of each state. On the specific date of polling in particular state that state's dishes will be refilled on a complimentary basis to all the guests. The thali will be available until the end of elections 2019. So now just don't wait and head to Ardor 2.1 just right away to get different flavours of state and food in a thali.

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