Finest travel outfits
May 03 2019

Travel with comfort.

 Plane travel isn’t as glamorous as it once was but that doesn’t mean you can’t look effortlessly chic. There are fashionable travel clothes that will not only help you look stylish but are also comfortable to wear. I travel a lot and want to share some of my tips on how to build the perfect women's travel wardrobe to make fashionable travel easy.
 I believe that dressing fashionably for travel is just as comfortable and easy as flying in an old t-shirt and cargo pants or sweats. But one of these two options makes a better first impression! Here’s my go-to travel outfit.

ImageBefore building the finest women’s travel wardrobe according to your  needs, consider these 3 points when choosing your own signature travel outfits:

 1. Fabrics for traveling
 The material of your clothing makes all the difference in the world! Natural fibers like cotton and linen wrinkle just by looking at them, so avoid wearing 100% linen or cotton fabrics. The best wrinkle-resistant fabric options include:
 A blend of any of these with a natural fiber like cotton would be perfect, giving you the stretch you need for long period of sitting while still looking crisp.

 2. The best fit for your travel outfits
 Loose fitting, easy tailoring is the best choice when traveling, especially regarding your pants or bottoms of choice. You don’t want to deal with tight, constricting pants when you’re in a small cabin for a few hours. Choosing materials with some stretch to them further adds to your comfort level.

 3. Color

 Go with patterns or darker tones when traveling. You’re crammed into a public seat that isn’t very clean. And coffee spills from those wobbly tray tables happen. If you’re traveling to a foreign country, darker or earthy, neutral colors help you blend in and look more low-key, too. Save the white clothes for when you get there.

Now here are some finest outfits for traveling that are both fashionable and comfortable.

Travel outfit for a feminine look.

 A nicely chosen fit and flare style dress in a good jersey, knit or stretch fabric is a great travel outfit. It’s far more comfortable and forgiving than you think! You can always add Capri leggings underneath if you want to layer it or wear tights to cover your legs. All items in this and all the capsules have been chosen for style, comfort and versatility.
 Travel outfit for sporty look
 Take advantage of the latest yoga-chic athletic trend! The state of the art fabrics are durable, comfortable and look pretty good. Choose a yoga-style bootcut athletic bottom or a tight capri or legging. Many, like the one featured, are higher waisted and have a built-in band to hide the belly. Layer with a longer-length lightweight pullover, tunic or sweater to have a very chic athletic look that also hides flaws well
Image Travel outfit for classic and casual women

 This classic and comfortable travel look starts with a relaxed-fit pair of Levis capri-length pair of cropped jeans. A zip-up sandal with a cushioned, formed sole and some strapping detail goes great with cropped bottoms. For your casual look, choose a comfortable t-shirt with some interesting design detail or pattern and top it with a classic, stretch or knit jacket to add a little polish to your travel look!
Travel outfit for a modern chic style

 A modern-chic look can be one of the most comfortable and easy to pull off. Go with monotone neutral colors with an occasional splash of color. Tailoring is important and comes in the form of cropped pants, or a silhouette that is a little more fitted. It’s the most minimal of all the styles and can mix and match quite well with other pieces. A flowing cardigan is a great topper for a modern-chic travel outfit.

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