1st wedding anniversary celebration ideas
Jul 10 2019


It has been just a year, you two got married and this year you are going to celebrate your first anniversary with your husband. But you want to add that old spark to the celebration so that you can fly back to that particular time when you two just got bonded. Therefore to make your anniversary a complete success go through the list of some awarded celebration ideas that you can try and will give immense joy on the day of the anniversary. 

Layered wedding cake:

The most lovely and romantic celebration idea is to cut the three-tier cake. Therefore, to make this true you also ordered a vanilla flavored three-layer cake for the anniversary. The garnishing was outstandingly done and you followed the romantic ritual that means you both decided to eat away the top layer of the cake. But to make the cake look special you should search for a congenial spot and that you can always choose to celebrate the cake cutting event by the seaside or along the poolside under the moon. 

Travel with time:

Traveling back to the day when you promised to live with each other, gives you so much fun. And arranging that as one of the first anniversary celebrating idea is something that fulfills your heart the best way. So you decided to recreate that whole wedding look by wearing a particular wedding dress that you wore that day. Even you booked that particular banquet hall where your marriage celebration took place previously. And the same food was on the menu for the guests. Overall, you can say you designed a celebrating idea that will make you relive your marriage day once more. 

Honeymoon in the same place:

You love the picturesque beauty of the hills. The alluring lush green trees, valleys and restless streams give you so much charm. So after your marriage, you picked a hill station as a honeymoon spot. However, this year on the first anniversary you decided to redesign such a trip to the same hilly station. And the best yet romantic part is that you have thought to book the same hotel and the same room. Honestly, this gives a lovely feel and the throwback will make you relive each moment you spend together. Now if you want to present this as a surprise, then make sure not to open up about the planning from before. 

A night out together:

What a lovely walk it is? Holding your hands together sauntering along the paths of the hilly lanes in a windy night is utterly romantic. And the full moon will amplify the romance to a huge extent. But you can give a beautiful tweak to this night out by getting to an ice cream parlor. Just buy the flavor that your ladylove wants to have. Enjoying the ice cream together gives you a memory of those days when you have ice cream as the night treat on your wedding night. This year on the first anniversary, you planned to have the same night out to get that moment back once again in life. 

A dining out:

Your husband is a romantic person so his arrangements are always romantic and utterly lovely. Until, today you remember how he arranged a surprise dinner plan in a cozy restaurant the day after your wedding. Really, it was an intimate escape from the homely gathering and just you two enjoyed each other’s presence that time. This year you will complete the first one-year journey of your married life. And a little surprise is waiting for you as your husband is planning similar dining out in the same restaurant. Hope you will enjoy this romantic one-year anniversary date. 

Thus, these are some of the best wedding anniversary celebration ideas. 

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