Time to Book Cab for 5 Unconventional Places to Visit in Shirdi
Sep 04 2019

If you live in Pune, you may have already visited Shirdi multiple times. Since Shirdi is one of the most sacred places in India if you are a Hindu. Sai Baba temple brings tourist and pilgrims from all over India as well as the world. But Shirdi is so much more than Sri Sai Baba temple. 


How many places have you visited among the sites mentioned below when you visited Shirdi? If you are going to Shirdi again book Pune to Shirdi Cabs and get ready to visit some hidden gems in the sacred town of Shirdi.

5 places to visit in Shirdi which you never thought of going before

The following sites are unique in their way. They are:

Jangli Maharaj Ashram

This Ashram is a co-educational and residential school located at a distance of 7 Km from Shirdi. Jangli Maharaj Ashram is owned by a guru named Om Gurudev where he teaches the children of Shirdi about spirituality. You can visit this unique school between Monday to Friday from 12 to 8 PM. You can learn tips about yoga and meditation from this school.

Wet N Joy Water Park

This place as the name suggests is a water and amusement park which your driver of Sai Sarthak Tours and Travels can quickly identify. If you are visiting Shirdi with your kids, this place is perfect for you and your family. For a one-day picnic after visiting the sacred temple, the wet and wild water park is the best place to chill and have fun. 

Lendi Baug

Lendi Baug is a fantastic garden which is located at the Shirdi state highway. Sai Baba spent a lot of time is this serene garden. He used to water the plants regularly in the morning and the evening. In the garden, there is a marble named ‘Deepagraha’. Sai Baba lit a Deepak over there once, and till now it burns from morning to evening. You can spend some time in the garden to rest or to explore the place where Sai Baba once walked.

Maruti Mandir or Hanuman Mandir

When people think of Shirdi, they never think of Hanuman Mandir. But at a distance of 300 meters from Sri Sai Baba temple, there is Maruti mandir situated over there. In earlier days, saints used to live in this temple. If you plan on visiting this temple, come during Ramnavami or Hanuman Jayanti, since these festivals are celebrated on the grand scale in this temple.


Book Pune to Shirdi Cabs while visiting this place because it is 100 Km from Shirdi. At an altitude of 750m, this beautiful hill station is situated by the bank of river Pravara. With green mountains, serene atmosphere, fresh air, this place is a paradise for trekkers. Do not forget to visit Arthur Lake, Randha Waterfalls, Wilson Dam and Bhandara Dam when you come here. Plan your trip so that you can visit Sri Sai Baba temple and then come to Bhandarda on the same day.

Sai Sarthak Tours and Travels offer drivers who have a clear idea of the whole area and who are competent as well.

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