Sep 03 2019


A visit to Darjeeling will always remain incomplete until you have relished the experienced of the Toy Train ride in Darjeeling. This miniature train has also been given heritage status by UNESCO. It covers the distance of about 88 kilometres between New Jalpaiguri station and Darjeeling as it passes through lush green forests and halts at some of the highest railway stations of the world.

If you are planning a trip to Darjeeling, keep in mind to not miss on the toy train ride at this beautiful town. Considered as a UNESCO Heritage label beautiful train passes the magical forest and also stops at some of the most beautiful and heritage sites in the world.

The British had constructed this 84 km long rail that at one point of time used to convey the tea freight from the lower regions of the mountains to various urban communities and from that point to different tea kettles of the world. Launched in the year 1880 this toy train has been ferried by various kings, queens and different celebrities from around the world. There is a lot to explore when you are on a ride on this beautiful train but the best experience you will enjoy here is a magical ride through the forests of Darjeeling. Also visited by Mark Twain, you will be embarking on a journey just like him who travelled through this train in the year 1895. He was quoted saying that this was probably the most enjoyable day he has spent on earth so far and the train ride gave him an unimaginable joy.

Here are reasons why you need to include the Toy Train ride on your Darjeeling tour packages:

One of the narrow gauges

The Darjeeling Himalaya Railway or the Toy Train ride in Darjeeling is amongst one of the very few remaining narrow-gauge charmers in the world. It climbs more than 2000 metres between Siliguri in West Bengal and will offer you an enchanting view of the tea plantations of Darjeeling.

It has even ferried the kings

This British-constructed 84 kilometres train used to carry precious tea cargo from the mountains to the plains, to the teapots of the world. Ever since its launch in the year 1880, the toy train has carried millions of people that include individuals’ holding prestigious positions like the kings, queens and heads of states.

Loops you in

You will get an opportunity to pass through mystic forests with conifers from Sukna forests. The railway spirals up whole loops of 360 degrees to hike high hills. In all, the train drives over 5 such opposites and 3 rings.

Explore the hill towns

You can get a chance to take a look at the numerous minor hill cities. The zig-zag route will surely turn out to be a fun ride as you get to explore many old hill towns on the way.

One of only a handful Few Narrow Gauge

The DHR is one of the final tight check charmers on the planet climbing more than 2,000m between Siliguri in West Bengal and the tea estates of Darjeeling. It used to keep running on a steam motor which was eliminated a few years back.

The tracks are right now being reestablished and the administration should start in two or three months.

An astonishing sight of the Himalayas

When the train tads Kurseong, which is at a tallness of 4,800 feet, you get breath-taking highlights of the snow-capped mountains of the world’s third-highest foothill, Kanchenjunga. It also marks a stop at the world’s another maximum railway station, Ghoom.

Here you can get an opportunity to enjoy a beautiful and scenic view of the mountains. You can also visit the War Memorial built here to pay respects to the Gorkha soldiers who had sacrificed their lives for their country’s independence.

At the end of your toy train ride in Darjeeling, you can also decide to stay in some of the best hotels in Darjeeling. The best part about the station of Darjeeling is that there are some amazing hotels nearby that provide you with the best amenities and luxuries. Some of these hotels have an old world charm and comprise of suites and cottages As well. If you wish to enjoy a jaw dropping view of the Kanchenjunga Mountain we recommend that you stay at the Tenzing Norgay suite.

Many other hotels nearby the station depending upon the budget you can decide to Stay in any of them.

These reasons clearly describe why you need to take the Darjeeling Himalaya Railway or the Toy Train ride during your vacation in Darjeeling. You can customize and include the Toy Train ride in your Darjeeling tour packages.

If you are wondering how to book a toy train ride, let us tell you that the DHR has an online website that will help you get all the information about the tickets, the fair and the timings of the train.

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