Guide to Recover Permanently Deleted Data from Hard Drive in Simple Steps
Jul 11 2019

The video will explain a simple way to recover permanently deleted data from hard drive, computer, laptop, etc. Watch the complete video and know the steps.

The video explains the working of SoftwarePro Hard Drive Data Recovery Software. You need to just perform the four steps:

  1. Download and Install Hard Drive Recovery WizardImage
  2. Select the partition from which files deleted and click on Scan button for deleted data recovery.Image
  3. After complete recovery, the software will provide the preview of all recovered files and folders.Image
  4. Now click on the Save button to save all recovered files and folders.Image

Note: - The software is capable to recover deleted, formatted, corrupted, shift deleted files from computer hard drive with 100% accuracy.  

The data deleted from the hard drive can be recovered from the recycle bin folder. But the recycle bin folder recovery is useful only for normal data deletion. If files deleted permanently then you have to use a data recovery software. 

Steps to recover deleted files from Recycle bin

  1. Open the Windows Recycle Bin folder
  2. Find the required files and select required files
  3. right-click on the selected file and click on the Restore button
  4. Now the files will disappear from the recycle bin folder.  Go to the location from where files deleted, 

Note: - this solution will not be applicable to permanently deleted data recovery and deleted data recovery from the hard drive.

If files deleted from external hard drive, then it will not go in the recycle bin folder. It does not matter that files deleted normally. In such a situation you have left only one solution i.e. use data recovery software. Also the using software always guarantees you complete data recovery in the hassle free way.

Hard drive data recovery software is one of the demanding software in today’s digital world. Because, everyone is in habit of storing all vital information of hard disk. Storing data on hard drive is good for users and also provides number of benefits. Despite of being these benefits it has also some serious concern of data loss. So to avoid data loss user are using hard drive data recovery software. This software is available in two different versions, one is demo version and it is free with some restricted features. And the second one is full version and it is paid. In the full version of hard drive data recovery software you need to pay. So the most of users are asking how to download free hard drive data recovery software full version with crack key or crack code.


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