Rules To Woolen Caps Worn By Men
Aug 22 2019

We love it when the winter comes. There is a variety of things that you can wear and pull off that you can’t in the summers. Wear something bulky and you will not be called out for it. The winter season is here for those who love to wear something quirky and funny. 


Woolen caps for men and woolen sweaters when worn together can wither make or break your look. Here is a guide to what to consider for woolen sweaters and woolen caps for men.

Woolen caps for men

All of us have been told at one point or another that we lose body heat maximum from our head, particularly the ears, so we need to wear the cap to retain this body heat. Well this is not totally correct. We lose heat from our body evenly, but even after this, the headwear plays an essential part in our overall look that we desire to keep. 

There are actually many rules keep in mind when wearing a woolen cap 

  1. Colour

The colour that you choose is actually really important. Neon colors are usually worn for safety purposes. Worn by extreme winter sports athletes, and hunters, you should stay away from these colours unless you plan on taking part in extreme sports or hunting. 
You should opt for earthy colours in the winters. You can wear them for anywhere or anything. 

  1. Type of hat

Hats that keep your ears exposed are more formal then hat the cover all.
If your hat is made of a more soft and wooly material, then it is rather informal. A formal hat would be one that is made of stiff felt.

Usually men would own two types of hat- one that is more winter appropriate, which you can wear for everyday use, and another for a more formal and dressy look. 

Woolen sweaters

It’s time to discuss woolen sweaters for men. Well, in this time and age, everybody is concerned about how they look, it is a given that men also have started caring about their looks (even more them women). What you wear becomes a big deal, especially in winters, when it is usually the outermost layer that makes the impression.


There is an abundance of colours from which you can choose from. Usually ‘earthy’ colours are a popular choice. By ‘earthy’, I mean- grey, brown, black, dark green, navy blue etc. these colours help you to blend in unnoticed. If you have a free spirit and want to be seen in a crowd and outshine everyone else, then you can try some quirky and fun colours, like neon pink worn with a fedora hat. 


There are plenty of sweater style in the shops. Go around and find the best one that fits you. From the V neck to turtle neck to crew neck. You can try out sweaters in different styles and find the best. Sweaters also come in different zip and button types. Some offer a more sporty look with a half zip, others a more bookish look with a full button down.

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