Guidelines to Follow to Avoid Headache or Eye Strain When Watching TV
Jul 11 2019

Do you know that sitting close to television definitely comes to give birth to several eye problems and even headaches? This is the right time to take the distance between you and the TV to stay safe and enjoy a complete well being. 


The major cause of eye problems was the x-radiations produced by the early television sets. With a change in technology, LCD and LED do not produce this harmful radiation. Despite this, an individual should always know the ideal distance to maintain while watching programs on your television. If you are looking for the ideal distance, there is no formula to calculate. 

Ideal distance to maintain while watching TV

As per eye care professionals, it is recommended to maintain at least 8 to 10 feet distance while watching it. As a fact, this general rule is also based on the size of the tv screen and light available in the room. 

It is also explained to maintain a distance that makes you feel comfortable and easy to watch tv without any difficulty. Along with this, it is necessary to maintain the right position while enjoying programs on television. 

Eye strain definitely leads to several eye problems like pain around the eye, itching, headache, blurred vision and many more. Just contact an eye expert and get the best suggestion. If you feel the strain, just massage the eyes, take good sleep, do not sit close to the television and get a branded television that provides best eye protection. 

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Now it is clear that maintaining a set distance between you and the TV is necessary to take intense care of eyes and avoid a headache. Technology now helps people to take care of their eyes and provide eye-friendly screens. Once you follow these guidelines, it is easy to avoid headache or eye strain even if you watch tv for a long time each day. 

Shailendra Kumar
Shailendra Kumar is an experienced Tech Reviewer and Financial Consultant who has 5 years experience in the field of finance and e-Commerce.
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