Valuable Tips To Use While Hiking The Inca Trail
Jul 22 2019

ImageThe Machu Picchu is one of the wonders of the world where the Incan civilization created this architectural splendor at a height of 2500 meters above the sea level, on the lap of theAndes. The AndesMountain is one of the toughest mountains for treks due to its steep slopes. Still every year so many tourists gather to visit theMachu Picchu, and love to have a look at this architectural wonder from above the Andes, by taking the Inca trail. 

This needs one to trek to a height of 4200 meters while trekking through steep slopes and at times low levels of oxygen.That’s why you have to have a strong heart and good fitness to travel to Inca Trail To Machu Picchu. Here are some valuable tips for hiking the Inca trail, which would help you in case you are a solo traveler, and even when you aretraveling with a tour operator.

Tips to hike the Inca trail

  • Try to reach early to Cusco. If you can manage to reach Cusco 2 to 3 days prior to the hike, it would be good for you, as you would get enough time to get acclimatized to the climate and height. The more time you give in to acclimatization the better and easier it would for you to hike.
  • Trekking poles are a must tool during the hike. If you can rent them or get one from your tour operator then it’s great. Else you should buy them.
  • You may get trouble with the height and thin air. To cope up with it, the best solution is to chew Coca leaves. Coca leaves help you get along with the thin air and lower levels of oxygen while you need it the most when hiking. The local people all use Coca leaves, and also travel guides tell the travelers to chew the leaves. You may combine chewing gum with the leaves to chew. And you may also get medicine for easy breathing at higher altitudes from your doctor before coming to the trip. In case you are usingmedicines, you should know that it would make you urinate more frequently than usual.
  • Use a sunscreen cream lotion, or powder to cover your exposed skin while hiking. That’sbecause at such high altitudes you mayget sunburn quickly.
  • The hike will get rough at parts, and therefore you may have chances of getting minor cut andbruises here and there and specially at your feet. That’s why keeping a first aid kit handy is sensible.
  • You must carry some food with you. Though there are foods available you should carry some extra snacks which are your favorite. It would help you go at the challenging portions of the hike.
  • You may travel through the Salkantayroute for a lesser crowd.
  • You would need money to use the bathroom at Machu Picchu.
  • You can get a better view of Machu Picchu if you trek further up to the Huayna Picchu.

Following the above tips would help highly to enjoy a great trip and hike of macho Picchu.

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