Oct 03 2019

Parental control can be considered as a synonym to real-life parenting. Controlling has become a  necessity because blocking inappropriate content, managing screen time, online behavior, etc. needs a parent's attention. Child’s naive minds are unable to bifurcate between right and wrong digital tasks, which in turn makes the use of child monitoring app mandatory.   

It is a challenging task for parents to manage kids' online activities even when they have discussed with teens about screen time limits and digital decorum. Parental control apps can help you in your endeavor to keep your child’s internet experiences safe, entertaining, and productive. Such apps work excellent when used honestly and openly in partnership with children rather than in a covert mode.

Parents should focus on the key areas they want to tackle. That will make child tracking apps for parents more useful. Sharing and simplifying parental goals will help your child understand the need for such software.


Here’s an overview of different layers of protection available with child tracking applications.

Important Things To Know About Parental Controls:

  • Goals: To restrict time spent by kids online (without taking their smartphones) and to assure they don't have access to inappropriate content. 
  • App requirements: Software with Time Schedule and harmful App blockers is required.

For Android users, Bit Guardian Parental control offers Time Schedule and App Blocker tools to set the curfew hours of multiple apps and to block inappropriate applications on kid’s device. Additionally, this software also has App Install Blocker and App Time features to stop the child from installing new apps and scheduling a time for each app by making a group.

For iOS users, Apple offers Guided Access, Family Sharing, and other monitoring tools.

  • Before initiating: Before enforcing screen time controlling app tools, discuss your concerns, goals, and overall approach with children. If they agree to unplug their devices during family time and to keep gadgets in a common room, withdraw the idea of activating the above features. If they disagree even after 2-3 warnings, activate the parental control functions to make the child understand your expectations.
  • Regulations: If your kids ask for ‘just one minute more’ then try to be consistent. Maybe 1 more minute is fine, but allocating them 5 minutes (and still they don't give up) is high time. If children ask for more time on the internet to complete their homework, ask them not to be multitasking (that includes texting, playing, chatting, etc.). And keep a watch on their online activities.

Be stiff on your rules and tell teens in advance how sympathetic you will be when they don't complete their assignments on time. Let them learn the importance of time management.

  • Goals: To check and block the call list and track a child’s whereabouts

  • App Requirement:  The GPS kid tracker app should provide the tool for locating the child’s whereabouts. Say, for instance, for Android users, Bit Guardian Parental Control provides a GPS tracker that allows parents to predefine the Geofence limits. Additionally, this software also provides Speed Limit feature to check the pace of kid’s vehicle and sends an alert to parents if they breach the limit. And, for iOS Family Tracker is good software.

If you find any suspicious callers on your child’s smartphone, block it immediately with Call Blockers. Kid safety app will also allow parents to intercept the known callers who can harass the child.

  • Before Initiating: Discuss your concerns about enabling GPS tracker that will prevent the cause of accidents or other unforeseen events. Explain to them that you are not breaching their trust; instead, you are taking actions for emergencies that may hit them anytime.

While talking about callers, it is your responsibility to check whether children are contacting the right person. Before blocking any calls, listen to them, and make mutual decisions.

  • Regulations: Talk with your child first and then put a restriction on their callers' list. Identify the caller's intention before blocking them on a child’s phone.

Enabling a GPS tracker will keep you informed about teens' location and is useful to reach them during urgencies. Speed Limit tool is essential because teens will love to explore their driving skills, and they may indulge in some terrible situations like getting punishment for breaching the traffic rules or road mishaps. Even if they deny, check their driving pattern and educate them about road safety rules and etiquettes. 

  • Goals: Kids' safety is paramount. How to ensure a child's security with a child safety app?
  • App requirement: Panic Alerts are required to protect kids during in jeopardy.

Bit Guardian’s Panic and SOS alert provides fruitful results and safeguard children in dangerous situations. This software offers an additional function of adding a guardian as another responsible person.

For iOS users, Mayday Safety provides a child’s security from threats like kidnapping.

  • Before Initiating: Teach children the use of the SOS button for applying in unforeseen situations. Demonstrate this tool to keep things safer.

Bit Guardian also offers ‘Pick Me Alert’ tool for kids to inform parents about their pickup location.

  • Regulations: No need to set any regulations as Panic and SOS Alert is a precautionary feature of the kid tracker app.

There is no need to ground your child or impose restrictions until they are mature enough to handle their digital lives tactfully. Thus, before using child monitoring apps, parents should define the goals and identify apps function for its effective use.

However, parental controls benefit children that teaches them good online habits and make them disciplined (by learning time management skills, reducing the speed limit, etc.) citizens.

Choose one of the excellent Kids safety apps for Android devices like Bit Guardian Parental Control and enjoy the fruitful advantages. Download the application today!

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