Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor
Aug 27 2019

The harsh climatic conditions affect your roof the most. Hence, it requires sturdy repair and maintenance so that the structural integrity and safety of your house remains intact. It also implies that you would need the services of a reputable roofing contractor, Minneapolis. But nailing the most proficient one can be a tough task. You can make the job easy by asking a few important and leading questions. Only an authentic and professional contractor can answer those questions most satisfactorily. Let’s check them out! 


 Q#1. Are you licensed, certified and insured? 

No professional roofing contractor, Minneapolis will lack a license to work in that area. He would also be professionally trained to do the job and would be well supported by the latest and valid certifications. Insurance is also an integral part of a professional company. Roofing is a high-risk job and there is always a fear of a mishappening. The insurance covers all the damages that might happen due to an accident. You can easily check all three credentials are up to date and valid. Eliminate all such contractors who cannot furnish any of the required documents.  

Q#2. What are the full name and physical address of your company?

It is always wise to choose a roofing contractor with an online presence but you cannot skip on the importance of finding their physical address and the full name of their company. Many contractors would try to give you a post box office number which is highly concerning. You might not be able to reach them if any crisis takes place post service. You can always look up Angie’s List to pull out the names of reliable roofing contractors that operate in your area.  

Q#3. How long have you been working?

The experience of a roofing contractor is of utmost importance. It will make him more knowledgeable and efficient in his job and would ensure a more efficient and precise work for your roof. Going for an experienced roofing contractor would give you better peace of mind and assurance of quality work.  

Q#4.  How trained and experienced are your crew members?

The training and experience of the company’s crew members would play an important role in how your job gets executed. Hence, it is important to find this information. Few of them might be untrained and inexperienced. As a hirer; you can insist on getting only the trained and experienced crew member to do the job for you. You need not settle for any amateur doing this important task for you.  

Q# 5. Do you employ subcontractors?

It is not uncommon for contractors to hire subcontractors to get all their projects executed in time. If they are using one; you need to check the credentials of them as well. They should also be covered under workman insurance and general liability insurance. You would also like to have lien waivers documents for added protection. It can happen that the contractor does not pay the subcontractor for any reason. You would not like to be held responsible for paying the dues in that scenario. 

Q#6. Will you provide a written estimate?

Nothing can be more comprehensive for you than a written and detailed estimate for your roofing requirement. This estimate is only provided by a credible roofing contractor, Minneapolis. It also gives you a more accurate, rough estimate of the cost for your job. With a written estimate, you do not have any surprise costs hurled at you. It also put you in a better position to compare other roofing contractors and pick the best one for you.  


 These are just a few questions that make you confident in selecting the best person to do the job for you. It guarantees you better work and assured return on your investment.  


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