Know More about Reception Halls in Lafayette La
Jul 31 2019

Weddings are special events in our lives that require extra attention in planning and detailing. We can say that a lot of things are interconnected, and coming up with the perfect combination will make the day a dream come true for the couple. 

Let us start by deciding the theme for the wedding. To choose reception venues, we will need to finalize what kind of wedding the couple wants to have. The time of the year will also come into the picture at this stage. Having an outdoor wedding followed by reception may be quite a risk during the rains. So, the next best alternative has to be decided where the couple or the guests do not have to worry about being soaked by a sudden shower mid-ceremony. 


Lafayette is located along the Vermilion River in the southwestern part of the state. It is the city and the parish of Lafayette Parish in Louisiana. With hot, moist summers and warm, damp winters, the city has year-round precipitation. 

From French-style banquet halls to park and outdoor weddings, rooftop weddings, waterfront weddings, hotel weddings, garden weddings, beach weddings, one can find a venue to suit their theme for the wedding. 

The reception halls in Lafayette La cater to all kinds of tastes and ideas. The arrangements are made to accommodate the guests and follow the theme of the wedding. Irrespective of the guest size, the venues can provide choices for the wedding party. 

So how does one go about renting and book a venue for a wedding? Let us see below. 

Start by renting the venue for the specified date. The following will be included in the renting facilities. 

  • A private Bridal Suite 

  • Stage

  • Floor Standing Easel for Bridal Portrait

  • Audio Visual arrangements

  • Decorative tables and chairs (limited to the number specified by the wedding party)

  • Furniture

The wedding will have to pay a deposit amount and sign a contract to rent the premises for the wedding on the mentioned date. Each reception venue has a different pricing scheme depending on the amenities and additional they offer. 

The reception venues also provide caterers for food and beverages for the event. If the wedding party wants to choose a caterer not included in their list, they can talk to the management and finalize the details accordingly. It is preferable to choose a caterer suggested by the venue as they take responsibility for the quality of the services. 

If opting for an indoor European style wedding with the ambiance and grandeur of high ceilings, chandeliers, there are reception venues who specialize in that arena and have wide halls built exclusively for such old-world settings. 

It is important to remember that every venue has its own set of rules and regulations that should not be violated by the wedding party. After all, keeping the place beautifully intact is equally important as celebrating the wedding union of a loving couple. 

Do not forget event insurance to keep your investment secure, especially, if you are planning an outdoor wedding. There is no denying the delight and sparkling happiness associated with an outdoor wedding. Have a backup plan would come in handy and is, in fact, highly recommended. Have the reception in a hall wide open walls or rent the adjacent banquet hall and divide the arrangements both indoor and outdoor. 

Most of the venues provide options to have both indoor and outdoor wedding and reception parties. From arranging the season’s best and exotic flowers to playing the music of choice, the reception venues take care of everything.

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