Elegant Plastic Champagne Glass For a Mess-Free Party
Aug 12 2019

Have you ever think a party would be perfect without the bottle of Champagne to celebrate? The comfort of having Champagne depends on the type of glass we used. A Champagne glass is in a shape of stemware designed exclusively to enhance the drinking of Champagne. There are two common forms of glasses flute and coupe.

In each type, the stem is used to hold the glass without affecting the temperature of the drink. And make people consume Champagne with other sparkling wines and beers. The champagne flute is a stem glass will appear either in a tall tapered conical shape or elongated slender bowl. And it can hold about 6 to 10 US fl oz of liquid. A champagne coupe is a form of a shallow, broad-bowled, saucer-shaped stemmed glass. In general, it's capable of containing 4 to 8 US fl oz of liquid.


Risks of having glass champagne glasses

  • Glass champagne is impractical for many occasions when kids are at the party.

  • It's too easy for a glass to get broken when you're on hard surfaces 

  • It's tough to deal with glass when we are in heavy wind and crowds.

  • Washing dozens of glass champagne will be a hard one. 

  • Once it is broken, you can't get it back, and there are possibilities to get hurt. 

Try out some cheap plastic champagne glasses

The plastic champagne glasses provide all kind of sophistication of traditional glassware and perfect for wedding receptions, banquets, and outdoor catered events.  Moreover, you can be free from worrying about the hassle of broken glass.  This elegantly constructed glass provides style and convenience in every successful party. Another impressive feature is its convenience and affordability since they are less expensive and easy to carry these plastic glasses are perfect for outside and big parties. You can also opt for recyclable models that are available

Types of plastic champagne glasses 

5 oz 1-Piece Plastic Champagne Flutes

This is a 5 oz one-piece disposable champagne flute with clear look and round in shape. It looks beautiful and offers the best quality compared with the other plastic drinkware. These champagne flutes were the perfect touch for every party. They are exquisite and durable and also precise size to hold for the grandmas and small children to avoid skidding.

7 oz Renaissance Plastic Champagne Flutes

This Elegant Modern Champagne Plastic flute is clear and round-shaped with a size of 7 Oz. It's a new plastic champagne flute with a stunning modern design and stands for 10 Inches Tall The sleek slender lines of this glass looks very classy and are thick and hold more liquid than most other plastic flutes. Also, they are one-piece, so no assembly and no bottoms falling off.

8 oz Crystal Plastic Champagne Flutes 

These plastic cut-crystal champagne flutes are 9" tall. They are transparent and round-shaped and are an ideal choice for memorable events like wedding parties. They are an elegant addition to any party and looks like a real crystal until we pick them up 

10 oz Stemless Plastic Flutes

It is transparent and round-shaped with a size of 10 oz. It was named for its quality and comfort. They are also one of the perfect choices for big parties and can hold more liquid than others.

5 oz Plastic Wave Champagne Flutes

This model is apparent, and waves shaped design with a size of 5 oz. It has a beautiful outlook with high quality. This glass is ideal for everything, like a party or dinner. Its wave-shaped vision acquires the center of attraction compared with other designs.


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