All you need to know about EMsculpt for Abdomen
Aug 26 2019

In this digital world, there is a solution for almost every disease. Technology has given hope to everyone in the world, especially patients troubled from abdomen issues. With each day passing by, there is a new invention and cure to various health issues. From cancer to tumours and skin to weight issues, there is a cure for almost every concern. Today, we’ll discuss the latest and the most recognized solution for a better shaped and contoured body, BTL EMSCULPT. Yes, that is possible too. Now, thanks to technology, you can change your appearance too through treatments too.


BTL Emculpting is the first non-invasive body contouring and shaping process. The new fat reduction is a non-surgical procedure i.e it doesn't include use of any sharp or surgical tools nor does it involve any cuts or scars. It was approved by the U.S. FDA in 2010,  for the improvement of the abdominal tone and strengthening of the abdominal muscles. The Emsculpt for abdomen and thighs has been experienced by a large group of people, especially young women. 

The process helps in the reduction of fatty cells and tissues through the use of the electromagnetic field. Nearly everyone who has undergone the treatment has reported a successful treatment. EMsculpt for the abdomen is not a weight-loss surgery or treatment. People are likely to have a misconception about such procedures. EMculpting process might show only a minimal difference in your weight and is primarily responsible for reducing the fat cells from your body. Unlike other weight-loss surgery, this doesn't involve any medications or any anaesthesia. 

To get a more clear vision of the procedure, let's read about its process.

How does Emsculpt for abdomen work? 

EMscupt for the abdomen is the most experienced, by the people out of the four other areas. Besides abdomen, the areas which are approved for BTL EMsculpt are thighs, arms, back, and buttocks. The sculpting of the abdomen involves using an electromagnetic field by a vacuum-like machine to freeze the fat cells around the abdomen. The magnetic field provokes supramaximal muscle contractions. The treatment essentially gives an effect of 20,000 crunches in 30 minutes. 

It not only affects strengthening and muscle building but also breakdowns fat. The frozen or dead cells are then excreted out through the liver. The procedure involves a two to three thirty-minute session, depending on the fat in that area. The process costs between $750 to $3000 depending on your fat and number of sessions needed. The process or treatment doesn't include any surgical methods but is more like a cosmetic procedure. It has been proven to be safe, secure and effective by the patients who have undergone it.

Results And Effects

In a company- based survey, ‘33 Emsculpt patients found there was an average 19% reduction in subcutaneous abdominal fat one month after treatment and a 23% reduction three months post-treatment. There are numerous people fighting with fat concerns, trying every possible way of getting a perfect body. 

Emsculpt is just the perfect solution for every person looking for a contoured and defined body. A few people mentioned in their reviews, “The 30-minute process results are equal to the 6 months vigorous training and a strict diet”. These non-invasive treatment has opened doors of opportunities which were impossible due to their heavy body. 

From movie stars to models and even a regular person, everyone has adopted this solution. 

The results tend to last forever but this doesn’t imply that people should stop taking care of their bodies. It is necessary to give your body a healthy and nutritious routine. 

To all those who were hesitant and under-confident about their body, EMsculpt for abdomen has got you covered! 

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