5 Benefits Of Integrating AI Into Your Business CMS
Sep 02 2019

There has been a lot of talk about artificial intelligence lately, and how it will impact businesses around the world. While some fear that AI could have negative side effects, there is no denying the potential of this technology to revolutionize many industries in the future. That said, AI is already a powerful tool that can be used in many modern businesses as well. This article will cover five benefits of integrating AI into your business CMS, but first, let's briefly go over what CMS is, and how it's useful for businesses.


What is CMS and How is it Useful?

Content management systems are an essential part of many businesses these days due to the fact that having an online presence is so important. Essentially what a content management system does is it provides a series of solutions for creating digital content, and then managing that content on an on going basis.

CMS basically comes down to four main points: Indexing, format management, publishing, and revisions. By allowing employees to easly handle these four factors as needed, CMS makes creating, updating, and managing digital content on a company's website, and other platforms, simple and intuitive.

Now that we've covered CMS, let's talk about the five ways AI can help to improve it.

1. AI Created Websites

A website is a very important asset for a business these days. It not only serves as an overview of your brand, but also the place where prospects are converted into paying customers in many caes as well. Having a good website is indispensable.

While AI has yet to replace web designers entirely, it has begun to make advances in this area. Services like Wix and The Grid offer website builder tools allowing you to construct your own site. While AI can't build the entire site just yet, it can give you a good start by making a template based on the needs of your business.

2. More Effective Advertising Through Predictive Analysis

Wouldn't it be great if AI could predict exactly what your demographic wants, when they want it? The good news is that AI is getting better and better and analyzing the choices that your customers, and potential customers, make so that it can provide them with product recommendations, and answer questions they may have.

As you can imagine, integrating this kind of AI into your CMS will lead to higher conversions, and more satisfied customers overall. In fact, major businesses like EasyJet, North Face, and 1-800-FLOWERS are already using this technology, and profiting from it.

3. Competitor Content Analysis

Figuring out what your competitors are doing right so that you can take a cue from their best strategies has always been a cornerstone of many business strategies. These days this is even easier than ever thanks to the capabilities of AI.

The main benefit here is that using AI to perform competitor content analysis saves time, and cuts down on inaccuracies that might occur due to human error. With the press of a few buttons, one can begin the data collection process and not have to spend hours manually analyzing a competitor's website, or social media posts.

Also, it should be mentioned that an AI has no biases. This means that it won't skew the data one way or another based on its own opinions - because it has none. It simple collects the data as it is, giving you a more accurate representation of what your competitors are up to.

4. Optimizing Your Own Content

Analyzing your competition is one thing, but knowing how to optimize your own content is another. In fact, this is one area in which many businesses get lost and make the wrong choices due to incomplete data gathering and analysis.

AI can once again make this faster, easier, and more unbiased thanks to its ability to eliminate human error. By having an AI tool analyze your own web properties you can find problem areas, and accurately plan out how to fix them.

In fact, this is actually one of the areas in which AI has become the most advanced. There are even services such as knotch.it that use AI to measure and optimize business websites.

5. Enhanced Search Engines

Search technology has come a long way, but even with ever evolving algorithms, it has a hard time keeping up with the massive amounts of content present these days. Fortunately, self-learning AI process are being integrated into search functions to allow the search engines to more accurately find exactly what the user is looking for.

This can greatly benefit a CMS system by helping visitors to find the content that they want. This will ultimately help to improve conversions, and customer satisfaction. It can also be used to help push customers further down sales funnels, and lead them to signing up for back end marketing plans as well. 

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