Do you know about 5 Guilt-free excuses to eat desserts?
Sep 19 2019


Is that cake in your freezer continually calling out your name at night? And you cannot help but crawl to your fridge in the middle of the night?. Don’t worry; sugar cravings can occur to anybody at any time. I understand that you were just trying to satisfy that craving which led you to overeat, and that’s the only reason you avoid keeping those trigger foods in your house, right?. But let me tell you that desserts can be good for your health. No, I did not make that up, science told me. 

We are constantly being judged by health freaks for taking a dig at that piece of cake for apparently no reason. Several theories have stated that desserts should be eaten in moderation to keep up good health. But nothing of it rings our ears when our favorite dessert is peeping out from the bakery window. Now, that’s what I call true love. And for this love, I have a piece of good news. I have got some genuine reasons to be kind on ourselves with proper reasons, and not feel remorse after you lost control and gulp that tub of ice cream down your throat. 

Though we really don’t need a reason to chow down that sweet treat I’m just trying to reduce the guilt (if you have any). Yes, consider it as legal permission to explore every bakery of the town, and if you have already emptied those bakeries, then go ahead and get a cake delivery from online bakeries as well. 

Hurray! Here are some legitimate reasons why we should eat desserts. 

Desserts tend to put you in a good mood

How many times have you gulped down a full tub of ice cream when you were depressed? Honestly, doesn’t that make you feel better instantly? Like there is still hope left in this world. Most of us turn to our favorite desserts when in a bad mood, and the pleasure it gives is incomparable. Yes, that’s the feeling I’m talking about, and this feeling is really crucial for you to feel alive. If you want to lift up your mood, then go ahead, eat that dessert. I mean, life is all about feeding your body and soul with foods that make you feel like you heaven on earth.   

Nice Breakfast, Anyone?

I think the thought of incorporating desserts in your breakfast already made you go all insane. Well, it is said that having that sweet treat as the first meal of your day can actually help you lose weight. Unbelievable, right? But it is true. If we go deep down, there is a scientific reason behind it. Desserts provide you a high amount of calories that are going to last the whole day, leading to cut down on unhealthy snacking. So, next time when your mom asks you to finish those veggies if you want dessert, tell her that she’s wrong (but do that at your own risk). 

Dessert cut down dessert binging

Well, it is an understood and claimed theory that baring ourselves from something ends up having opposite effects. Try telling yourself that you won’t even look at desserts and all day you will think about is - cakes. Doesn’t it happen with you that the whole week you try and control, and on weekends you end up binge eating all the sugar? Well, it is not practically possible to never eat desserts in life, so letting yourself eat those candies, will keep you satisfied, which is good for your mind and body. 

Because your heart needs it!

Yes, I know that it’s always your heart that pushes you to take all those wrong decisions. And after several warnings from your brain, you lose the battle with your heart and end up stuffing that sweet stuff in your mouth. But when I said your heart needs it, I meant literally. Confused? Let me clarify. Well, having dark chocolate or products made with dark chocolate is good for your heart health and prevents strokes. That gives you a green signal to order cake online in the name of the heart?. 

Makes life worth the while

Well, what’s a life lived, if it is lived without desserts. Admit it, the day you eat desserts, you relatively feel happy, you tend to like people more, and it even makes you a better human. So, I don’t see any reason for not indulging in something that makes you happy.  

These were some reasons why you should eat desserts and that too, without any guilt. 

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