How Modular Kitchen Plays Important Role In Home Decor This Festival
Sep 11 2019


If you were living in a rented house but now you have bought your house, in this case you want the furniture to be less expensive, because huge money increases when buying a new house, in this case you can go for modular are.


Other benefits besides being pocket friendly:

The furniture designer comes to your site to explain the design, to take measurements; You select laminate and hardware, that's all.

Different parts of the furniture are brought to the site and fit directly there. Where in carpentry work the opposite work is done on site or in the Carpenter's Workshop.

The best part about modular furniture is that it is made entirely by machines, ranging from cutting, laminate pressing, edge banding, etc…

After placing the order, now you relax and wait for the content on your site.

After the material arrives on your site, the carpenter arrives and adds the parts within 2-3 days or depending on the work, and that's all done.

Ready to use, no cleaning, nothing…

Pay attention:-

Modular furniture may be cheaper, but will also not be as long lasting compared to carpentry and will have less power.

Most modular kitchen delhi work is done with 90% MDF or particle board. This is inappropriate but once MDF or PLY is applied on both sides of the laminate and edge banding, you cannot decide which material is used inside.

Now understand about Carpentry furniture:

If you are a homeowner, you should do on-site carpentry work for all furniture items except the kitchen. For the kitchen we would suggest modular .

Your priority should be such things as security, stability, the benefits of spending on these will be in the long run.

Carpentry work is done entirely in ply and timber.

In Carpentry you can choose the type of ply used to make furniture. Such as Commercial Ply, MR Ply, Marine Ply, Roar Ply etc.

If you decide to go for carpentry work, you may have to do some extra work for better furniture, buy plywood with carpenter, choose laminate for days or weeks at different stores, buy hardware, etc. Does matter.

And you should be present on site while fixing furniture, which is very difficult in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Delhi, where people do not have time except Saturday or Sunday.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when making carpentry furniture ,

1. Things go wrong for most of the time, when you call a carpenter and he is new to business and not able to understand your thoughts as you want and choose it from your furniture.

2. It would be better if you call an experienced carpenter and explain your thoughts to him. If he gets an accurate idea of how you want to see your home, he will guide you and also tell you what to do and what not to do for the best result.

3. If you have worked on labor then there will be no warranty period because all the material is given by you to Labor, at most you can get 4-6 months warranty.

4. On the other hand if you choose a contractor for the same work then you should be aware of the terms and conditions that you have agreed to.

Generally, 1 year warranty is given to you by the contractor if you have entered into a written agreement with him.

What is modular kitchen

Modular kitchen is called customized kitchen. It is a customized kitchen, which has a fixed space for everything.


Why should a Modular Kitchen be built:

Modular Kitchens Delhi are a mixed form of science and technology. Due to which the efficiency of the worker in the kitchen is affected and he is able to handle the work easily. The modular kitchen is user friendly and gives you more room to work. As a result, nowadays every housewife dreams of getting a modular kitchen. And it is not a big deal to get this, because modular kitchens are available in every kind of budget till date.

Why should choose modular kitchen

Unlike a normal kitchen, you don't have to move around the counter in the modular kitchen, from the pantry to the fridge and oven. Modern modular kitchens have everything on hand. The modular kitchen is made for cooking in a convenient way . Cleaning modular kitchens is also easy. Apart from this, it looks great because of the superb kitchen color combination.

What are modular kitchen Accessories:

Modern modular kitchens have the ability to control moisture and odor. There is a chimney with a hood for venting smoke. Modular kitchen cabinets and drawers are lightweight and easy to operate. There are several sections in this type of kitchen.


Are maintenance costs high ?

Modular kitchens are generally low maintenance and hassle-free. In addition, modern modular kitchens have a minimum warranty of 15 years. Modular kitchen is better for saving your pocket and time.

Can an old kitchen be converted into a modular kitchen:

You can convert your old kitchen into a modular kitchen. But, to accomplish this, choose a good kitchen designing company. Designers will measure your kitchen space for every gadget, from shelves to dish washers to fridges and so on. In this way, they will make the best use of the available space. Designers can also make slight changes to your old kitchen to create modular kitchens.

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