5 Types Of Bridal Makeup Looks For Brides Of 2019
Sep 03 2019


“Beneath the makeup I am just an ordinary girl who wishes for the world to be mine”- Marilyn Monroe

Dressed in Red adorned with her bridal ensemble a bride is considered as the epitome of beauty and grace. Every girl desires of being the perfect bride where she ties the knots of love with her prince charming. What creates the transformation of a girl into a swoon worthy bride is her makeup. Every bride desires to be the best version of herself on her wedding day. Wedding is a chaotic time and with the endless shopping spree, running after the vendors, continuous calling and mailing a bride is ought to get tired. At a wedding a bride is considered as the centre of attraction which is why she cannot afford to turn up at her wedding with a dull face.

Makeup not just transforms a girl into a perfect bride but rather it also helps in hiding her flaws thus making her to look refreshed and beautiful on her wedding. Are you a soon to be bride? You must be then looking for best makeup artist in Chandigarh, Pune or wherever you’re planning to tie the knot in. Although the wedding market has number of available bridal makeup artist but choosing the best one from this is arduous task. Before finding a makeup artist it is necessary for a bride to get well versed with the various bridal makeup looks so that she is familiar with what she desires. Wondering how to select the perfect makeup look? Worry not as we have got your back. We have brought for you the best bridal makeup looks for this year’s wedding season. Here have a look at them brides.

1. HD Makeup

HD which stands for high definition is a makeup look that we usually see the actors sporting in the telly world. It is the makeup look that is sported by both the television and film actress. The high precision camera used on the television and movie sets capture every line and every crease on the face of the actors. The HD makeup hides the lines and creases on the face thus making the face to appear flawless and camera ready for hours to go. Just like the films and soap operas shoots the wedding also last for hours and with all the hour long ceremonies and heavy bridal ensemble a bride is ought to get tired. The light and natural look of the HD makeup makes the brides skin to look young and radiant.

2. Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is basically applying of the makeup with an airbrush instead of using the traditional makeup application tools like brushes and sponges. The airbrush makeup gives a smooth finish thus giving a flawless appearance. The makeup although a bit heavy but works best in cases where there are humid climatic conditions as it lasts longer than the other makeups. The airbrush makeup look effortlessly covers the blemishes, dark spots, skin pigmentations, skin differences giving an even skin tone without making the bride to look overdone. The pro aspect of airbrush makeup is that it does not gives a unnatural or cakey appearance.

3. Matte Makeup

Of the variety of makeup looks available matte makeup is the one that has gained a lot of popularity. The matte makeup gives a dramatic appearance and enables the brides to experiment with colors. The matte makeup look makes use of bold colors and hues without taking away the natural look of the face. The bold and subtle hue of the matte makeup gives a stunning diva look.

4. Mineral Makeup

If you have a sensitive skin and dread that the chemicals in the makeup can damage your natural skin tone then you can opt for a mineral makeup. The mineral makeup makes use of chemical free cosmetics that do not damage skin.Mineral makeup is highly recommended by the dermatogolists for those people who have undergone through beauty treatments.Looking beautiful without compromising with your skin as you opt for

5. Smokey Makeup

A smokey eye makeup creates a mysterious and powerful look. The main highlight of the look is dark eyes and bold lips. The prime focus of the makeup look is on the eyes. The use of shades of black and grey create a dark smokey look whereas the shades of brown create a soft smokey look. The use of long fake lashes, an eyeliner,Kohl and a bold lip color adds depth to the look. The smokey makeup look has a sensous appeal to it thus making the bride to look gorgeous.

So these are a few popular makeup look for brides. Which look are you choosing? Tell us in the comments below about your choice.

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