8 Tips from Professional Cookie Bakers to Help You get the Best Cookie
Jul 18 2019

ImageWant to know how professionals come up with perfect cookies? Well, there’s a secret every cookie expert has. Here are some secret tips for coming up with the most delicious cookies similar to those dry fruits cookies in Delhi:

1. Chill the Dough

In case, you find your cookie dough a little sticky, greasy, or wet, simply chill it. Chilling the dough will prevent spreading. It will help you get thicker, sturdier, and tastier cookies. Chilling cookie dough will also preserve flavor. So make sure you chill the cookie dough overnight. Thereafter, simply allow the dough to sit at room temperature for around 10 minutes prior to rolling into balls.

Your cookie dough may be a solid rock like the yummy butter kaju cookies in Delhi, so letting it slightly loosen up helps. The dough will still be much more solid as compared to what it was prior to the process of chilling.

2. Baking Mat

It is wise to use a silicone baking mat. It will prevent cookies from spreading too much. They will grip onto the bottom of dough. The mat will also help with even browning. These mats are easily available online. You can buy one to ensure the best cookies time and again.

3. Measure Flour Aptly

Do not under measure the flour. If you use less flour in your cookie, it will fail to absorb wet ingredients in the dough. Thereafter, spoon and level flour and weigh flour. You should measure flour appropriately to get the kind of cookies you want.

4. Avoid Over-Mixing

Strictly avoid over mixing the ingredients of cookie dough. This means you should mix sugar, butter and cream in the right quantity. Do not start off with the beating process and leave the room. Stay until the mixer runs. Most cookie experts suggest avoiding too much air to whip into the dough. This may cause cookies to collapse during the baking time. Mix the ingredients in appropriate measure and manner.

5. Temperature of Oven

Temperature of oven is most likely inaccurate. For instance, setting the oven to 350°F may not take it to 350°F accurately. It may land somewhere between 325°F and 375°F. Although it may not seem to be a big deal, it can make or break your cookies. So get oven thermometer to save headaches. These are easily available online and offline.

6. The Temperature of Egg and Butter

The best thing to do for amazing cookies is to bring both egg and butter to room temperature before baking. It will help you get the best tasting cookies.

7. Baking Time

The best thing to do when baking cookies is to go with instincts. Once the edges are set and become light brown, your cookies are ready. Don’t worry if the center part of the top appears little under baked. For crispier batch, simply leave inside the oven a little longer.

8. Single Batches

Most professionals recommend baking cookies in one batch at a time. Bake these on the middle rack. This is important to get the best results. The oven will focus on only a single batch which ensures you get the best cookies. Experts suggest rotating baking sheets from the topmost rack to the bottom at least a couple times during the process of baking. It encourages browning.

Knowing the secrets of cookie bakers and professional cookie manufacturers mentioned above will help you get the perfect cookies each time. In case, you wish to get perfectly baked cookies without having to make any efforts, follow the above listed tips.

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