Creative Ways To Celebrate Budget-Friendly And Eco-Friendly Diwali
Oct 09 2019


Diwali is the most awaited festival of Hindus. People celebrate it with great joy, pomp, and enthusiasm. It is a festival exchanging Diwali gifts and sweets with family, friends, and relatives. People clean and brighten their homes, wear new clothes, and make delicious food items and sweets. As festive spirit and enthusiasm are high, most of the people are busy in the Diwali shopping. Diwali celebrates the pride of good over evil and light over darkness. People believe that Lord Rama comes to their kingdom, Ayodhya, with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman after a long exile of 14 years. In this exile, the demon king Ravana kidnapped Sita, so there is a war between Lord Rama and Ravana. In this war, Rama defeated demon Ravana and rescued Sita. So people of Ayodhya decorate it with thousands of earthen lamps to welcome their king and express their love and emotions towards them. Since then, this festival is celebrated with great joy. If you want to celebrate this Diwali in a budget-friendly and eco-friendly way, then this article will help you.

Some budget-friendly and eco-friendly ways to celebrate Diwali are listed below. Check it out!

Brighten Up the Aura with the Gleam of Diyas 

Diwali is the festival of lights. Traditional oil diyas, lamps, candle never goes out of style. These diyas are made up of clay, and even when it broke, it could be mixed in the soil, thus causing no landfill. So, buy them in bulk for decorating the homes instead of electric bulbs. It is difficult to resist the temptation of shopping for those eye-catching bulbs, lamps made from low-quality plastic. The electric lights look lovely, but it has no comparison with the Diyas. The advantage of these earthen Diyas that they are biodegradable, cost-effective, easy to make, and give a stunning look. By using earthen diyas, you can also contribute to saving the electricity that reaches the sky-high at this festival. Solar light is also the best decor item that is readily available in the market.

Use natural colors for rangoli

Rangoli is a way of distributing our food and life with insects and birds. It is made at the doorway of the house not only to welcome the guests but also to the goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity. Use the natural color or spices for making rangoli instead of a chemically synthesized color. You can use turmeric, rise flavor, kumkum, coffee powder for yellow, white, red, brown color, respectively. You can use the flowers and leaves for making rangoli. It is not only eco-friendly, but you can clear it the next day and put it into your compost bin directly. Enjoy the spirit of the festival without causing harm to the surrounding.

Shop less but smartly

Diwali is the festival of decorating the home and exchanging Diwali sweets and gifts with family, friends, and relatives. So if you are looking for giving Diwali gifts to your loved one, then you have to do Diwali shopping, but do it smartly, without burning a hole in your pocket. You have to buy eco-friendly gifts such as eco-friendly jewelry made of terracotta, clothes made of pure silk and organic cotton, etc. for them. If your loved one lives in Kolkata, then you can send Diwali gifts to them via online Diwali gifts Kolkata to the doorstep of his/her house.

Make homemade sweets

Every festival is incomplete without sweets. The sweetshops are decorated in an attractive way so that they can attract more and more customers. The shopkeeper used many substandard ingredients to give a beautiful look to the sweets, but you can fall ill on consuming these items. So the best option is to make the sweets at home like khoya barfi and besan ladoo, etc. On Diwali, all the members of the family get together. So enjoy these sweets with them and make your bond stronger with them. If you want to send Diwali gifts to your family, then you can send it via online Diwali gift delivery services. There are many websites providing such services to delight their hearts. Some reputed companies offer hassle-free home delivery services.

Above mentioned Diwali gift ideas surely help you to celebrate this Diwali in an eco-friendly and budget-friendly way.

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