A day at majnu ka tilla, Tibetan market
Mar 25 2019

Majnu-ka-tilla is a colony in Delhi, officially called New Aruna Nagar Colony, Chungtown. It is part of North Delhi district and is located at the bank of the Yamuna River. One must explore this place when they visit Delhi. Get a break from city life and do explore this good place to see Tibetan culture, people, temple and food. This is a Tibetan colony also known to be mini Tibet as one can see many Tibetan people living here and their houses and shops and some delicious taste of Tibet food. If you're bored with cliched cafes and bar in Delhi and wanna experience something new. Then friends Majnu ka Tilla is a perfect place for you. This Tibetan monastery has a lot to offer from hill-based cafes to mini Tibet market. A day at majnu ka tilla is a feel of a different peace, hilly-like market regions, place to worship in this hectic Delhi life and all about food, market, some antique products.


This area gives us a feeling of Tibetan paradise with every alternate shop dishing out the variations of momos, thukpa and many other delicacies from their homeland. The popular eateries include Dolma House which is one of the oldest eateries there. The restaurants there gives a warm and friendly vibe and the food is delicious. There's an elaborate momos menu to satisfy all your cravings and you're bound to love the comforting and authentic taste. There is also a delicious snack locally known as Laping which is consumed dry or with cold soup.


The area is best known for its Tibetan restaurants and Tibetan market. A day at majnu ka tilla can lead to various street shops that sell everything Tibetan. The market is an amalgamation of shops and street vendors, huddled up in every corner. You’ll get whatever your heart desires, be it colorful tees, cute flip flops, jeans, pendants, posters, Kurtis, shoes, bags or whatever at very reasonable prices from 300 onwards. A number of shops sell fake but believable copies of footwear of every brand you can think of. Nike, Adidas, Puma, Gucci, etc. they have it all. But be aware, as shops like these are quite open to bargaining. Girls can get regular and fake jewelry at nominal price. Both summers and winters are good to explore. Many small number of shops also sell Travel gear. These are a little hard to find but the results are worth it! The summer jackets and blouses, and denims are adorable! Some establishments are offering a bit of everything, from Free-Tibet leather backpacks, posters, figurines, prayer flags, fake jewelries to incense sticks, bracelets and badges. It is a great place to shop for souvenirs, apparels and accessories.


Tibetan shops lined on both sides of the streets here sell everything from decorative wall hangings, Tibetan jewelry, music CDs, and T-shirts with Buddhist mantras (chants). There are many guest houses also offering cheap accommodation and obviously Tibetan food! It is full of shops with handicrafts, Ayurveda and organics stuffs, very cheap and excellent quality. This place also offers great cafes and restaurants especially Tibetan and Korean.

Historically this place is revered because of its legendary background. The Majnu Ka Tilla Gurdwara has a great historical importance; Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji camped at Majnu Ka Tilla during his visit to Delhi. This Gurudwara, like all others, has a very caIming and majestic effect. A beautiful Gurudwara now attracts thousands of devotees every day. Delhi's mini Tibet also has two Buddhist temples inside. Here, one can observe varied rituals, culture, serene soft music of prayer bells, butter lamps, sculptures and how a Buddhist monk would lead his life. There are vibrant prayer flags hanging from every nook and corner of these narrow by lanes, seems on a mystical journey. Powered by sacred mantras, they purify the air wherever they are hung as the wind spreads the positive energies in the atmosphere. Two adjacent Buddhist temples are so different in terms of their decoration, the offerings and how the locals worshipped. While silver lamps with butter are being used in one temple, artificial lights are lit in the other.

Overall, a day well spent at majnu ka tilla refreshes the basic philosophies of Buddhism to an individual – to lead a moral life; to be mindful and aware of thoughts and actions; and above all, to develop patience, deeper wisdom and understanding.

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