3 Reasons Mechanical Watches Are Here To Stay
Oct 03 2019

ImageThe US smartwatch industry was valued at around $ 48.14 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach around $130 billion by 2024. And yet, thousands of people across the world prefer the classic simplicity of a traditional watch. Why would someone prefer something that does nothing except tell time over a super-smart gadget that can tell time, answer your phone calls, and even help you stay fit? Having sold thousands of Italian watchessome of the reasons we could think of include:

Smartwatches Could Hamper Productivity:

Surprisingly, a smartwatch could be counterproductive. From laptops to smartphones and even e-readers - we’re surrounded by dozens of devices and always busy attending to phone calls or replying to messages and emails. Add social media to this, and the situation becomes absolutely chaotic. We’re only a notification away from distractions. 

No wonder, successful businessmen like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet prefer traditional timepieces over smartwatches. Checking your phone while in a meeting or at a presentation can make you look unprofessional and distracted. 

Traditional Watches Have A Timeless Appeal:

How many of us would gladly showoff the First Generation Apple Watch that debuted in 2015?  In fact, Apple is most likely to stop update support for the first generation smartwatches in some time. And yet to think of it, the Watch 1 Series was the most coveted gadget when it was introduced! 

You can say the same about a traditional watch. In fact, well designed, high-quality Italian watches have been passed as heirlooms from one generation to another. Buying a good quality Italian watch brand is like a rite of passage – the father passing on trust and responsibility to his child. 

Traditional Watches Are Fuss Free:

Unlike a smartphone, mechanical watches do not need charging. An Apple smartwatch is practically unless it is paired to your iPhone. But mechanical watches have been around for a long time and don’t need batteries – in fact, every mechanical watch is a piece of art and includes attention to detail. 

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