5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying An Electric Unicycle
Aug 07 2019


An Electric Unicycle is a self-balancing vehicle and as the name itself suggest,  it has only one wheel. The riders can control the speed of a unicycle by leaning forward or backwards and steered by twisting the unit using their feet. To ride a unicycle it requires several lessons and focus, and once you get its concept you can fly on it. It feels so cool and fun to ride a unicycle. 

It has its own benefits such as its  and you don’t have to worry about commuting expenses. You can just pick it up and roam around in the streets on your fun ride as due to its portability and lightweight quality it is very easy to carry. Riding an Electric Unicycle is a work out in itself as muscles are used to maintain the balance while riding it. 


There are a few things you need to know before making the decision to buy the Best Electric Unicycle.

1. Technical Features: 

As you would want to use your ride for a daily basis or even occasionally speed range needs to be considered. Usually, speed depends on the model but generally, it ranges 12-20 mph (miles per hour). For those who want to get a higher speed range can select their models having a top speed of 22 mph. Though it is not suggested to ride for the longer road as eventually, you will get tired. 

Speed of a unicycle also depends on its battery so as soon as the battery goes down so does the speed. Battery life is another feature to keep in mind while choosing your ride. Which varies from model to model and a fully charged battery can provide the mileage of 5-40 miles. Another important element is Motor Power, the more the motor power more easily you can ride it on the difficult roads.


1. Quality: 


The better the quality of your ride the better durability it will provide as roads cannot be even at all the places. And for your own safety, you shall compromise with its quality. To find the same you can ask someone who already rides a unicycle or search on the web and shopping sites for the reviews of the users who already purchased one. Based on the research you can shortlist some unicycles and take a trial. Once you ride it you will get a better idea of a unicycle based on your body weight and size.


2. Wheel Size: 

Wheel size also decides the comfort of your ride as large wheels are heavier and considered to be more comfortable whereas the small wheels tend to be more agile and are not suggested to ride on uneven roads. The available wheel sizes are 14”, 16” and 18” so as you ride a 14 inches wheel it will feel more fleet-footed whereas 18 inches wheel will be more comfortable but bulkier.


3. Range:  

The higher the range the better will be the quality as well as its features, some brands include the features which are not even required such as app connectivity. The higher range will provide you the more battery and motor power and based on usage (short or long trips) and safety you can decide on the range easily. So the range is affected by your will to lose your pocket.

4. Pedals: 

Based on the requirement you should consider the features such as Pedal Size, it should be large enough to cover your entire feet. Too small pedal will create discomfort in your ride and are not safe at higher speed ranges. Pedals height is also be considered as lower pedal might feel safer as you will be closer to the ground but instead high pedals are best for safety as you might rake along the ground while taking a turn on in case of any emergency halt.   Pedals angle is also important as the better the angle the better will be the stability. And stable balancing is a key element for riding a unicycle.


5. Safety: 

Self balancing rides are pretty safe and while riding the most models of a unicycle you will be standing and you feel that you might fall or lose the control it’s easy to put a foot on the ground and stop yourself. Never go faster than the speed you have practiced for and as a beginner, it is always suggested to buy a unicycle with low-speed range. Also, check for the quality of LED lights installed in your unicycle. Make sure the lights have good visibility as you might be riding it during the night time as well.


6. Design: 

Though looks matter the most to some just to buy a ride because it looks fancy is not a good idea. For safety reasons, it is suggested to go for a unicycle with well-built design and smart balance.

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