Things About Perfumes That No One Will Tell You
Sep 12 2019

ImageWhen it comes to perfumes, the more you know about the better it is for you. From the right way of using the fragrance, way of spraying the perfumes, which perfume should be applied during the day time or night time, which one suitable for which season and so on, there are so many things about using perfume that one can easily feel flabbergasted. Elaborated perfume guides for men and women, for seasons and occasions, you can explore everything to master the art of fragrances. However, there are several other things that generally people never talk about. To help you in understanding every little thing about the fragrances, here are some simple things that no one tells you about:

Oil Based perfumes or Alcohol-based perfumes – Which one is better?

While purchasing a perfume one can often feel confused about the options that are available especially between the oil-based ones and alcohol-based ones. Both these types of perfumes have their own pros and cons, which can help you in finding the right one for you. 

Oil-based fragrances: These are one of the oldest forms of perfumes that are being used by the masses all around the world. In this type of perfumes, as the name suggests, natural oils and essential oils are used at the base of the perfume. They are one of the purest forms of scents containing only naturally obtained products and ingredients. If you are someone who is trying to follow an all-natural organic lifestyle, this type of scent is ideal for you. 

As compared to other types of perfumes for women, oil-based ones tend to last quite long due to their slow evaporation rate. When you apply it on the skin and the heat of the body starts working it out, the molecules will break down at a very slow rate but with consistency. This helps in maintaining the fragrance for a long time. An average oil-based perfume can give you fragrance lasting of about 12 hours. 

Since these types of perfume contain essential oils and natural oils, they help in making your skin feel good as well. If you have dry skin, you can apply this directly or mix them in unscented moisturiser or any body oil and apply all over the body. This will help in keeping your body fragrant as well as soft to touch all day long. 

However, due to this high quality and high maintenance in making, these perfumes can also be a bit expensive. They are available in a very less quantity and very high cost, making it rather unsuitable for people with low budget. This type of scent also has a limited variety of scents since only natural ingredients are used in these. 

Alcohol-based perfumes: Alcoholic perfumes are not very natural as they can contain chemicals and synthetic ingredients for creating wide range of women’s perfumes. These scents are known to give a quick boost of fragrance as soon as it is applied to the skin and dying down slowly until it evaporates completely leaving no faint sillage behind. There is no consistency in the fragrance. However, it compensates for this lack with its huge variety. No matter for what occasion, season, mood or moment you want the perfume for, alcohol-based scents have a type for it. 

These are also not suitable for sensitive skin and can cause redness and stinging on it if applied. For someone with a skin condition, it is better to avoid this and stick the more natural options that are available in India. Alcohol present in these perfumes can have a drying effect on the skin so it is essential to moisturise before applying the perfume. As compared to oil-based perfumes, these ones are quite affordable as well as available in a larger quantity. You can easily choose the one suitable to your needs after evaluating both as per your requirements. 

How to remove perfume stains from clothes?

Some kind of perfumes can leave weird-looking stains on the clothes turning your favourite outfit into an undesirable mess. Especially delicate fabrics like silk, linen, chiffon, and velvet are often ruined due to these stains. Not all kinds of perfumes leave stains behind but some of them such as oil-based ones or the ones that contain some sort of tint in it are the major culprit behind it. With the common habit of applying perfume on the clothes we usually end up in this situation. Here are some tips that will help in removing stains from the clothes that you love,

  • Silk fabrics: Take the stained fabric and dip it in water. Now add a few drops of glycerine on the stained part rub it gently and let it settle for some time before rinsing it off. You can also use white vinegar by diluting it in equal parts of water and dabbing the stained part of the fabric in it. Rub the fabric gently until the stain comes off. 
  • Leather fabric: These ones are quite tricky when it comes to removing perfume stains. As soon as you see perfume on the leather fabric or any stain, try to absorb it with a cotton cloth for removing any excess perfume. Now mix mild soap in lukewarm water and lather it by mixing. Use lather instead of water formed by this process on your leather fabric and rub it gently using a soft sponge to avoid scratching the leather. 
  • Cotton fabric: If the stain is on your cotton fabric, dip it in warm water and keep it there for some time. Dip it into white vinegar mixed with equal parts of water and rub the fabric gently. If this also doesn’t work, use a gentle detergent rubbing the fabric in circular motion. Rinse it with lukewarm water to get rid of the stain. 

For best results, you should follow these steps as soon as you see the stain on. If the stain is a bit old, a few days or months maybe, it will be better to consult the dry cleaner for that. 

All these tips and suggestions are quite helpful in understanding the perfumes a little more. this way, you can not only avoid the undesirable ones but will also smell good by following the right steps. Go ahead and purchase your favourite perfume from a popular store and enjoy the perfume without any hassles. 

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