Jul 08 2019


All American Diner(AAD) is a retro American 1950s diner. Its interior design is completely red with faux- leather booth seating, black and white checkered flooring. Its design is not what you expect to find within the cultural heavyweight i.e Indian habitat centre.

In India, It is situated at Ground India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Rd, New Delhi, Delhi 110003


                                                      All American diner is India's first diner which offering the American meal experience. Its start by Walter Scot who began to offer to prepared food from a wagon (horse-drawn freight wagon)  in the province, Rhode Island in 1872. Scot lunch wagon was an immediate success and others copied and improved on his concept. People who copied and improved the scot concept indirectly helped create an industry that would eventually produce thousands of diners.

 The United States is not a small country so diner is spread over the length and breadth of the united states. Each and every diner has its own special look and menu while some of the items which are more or less remain in all diner such as - classic burger, pancake, waffle malts, and shakes.   

The American Diner is serving a large part which takes you back in a time when old fashioned values and old fashioned love reigned supreme,a time when Marilyn Monroe had to share the adulation of millions not only with Lucille Ball but also with Betty Boop.a time when even though Elvis was still around, rock ‘n’ roll was king!


In India, the menu of All American Diner change time to time, but some item which more or less remains in their Menu is -  FRESH FRUIT SALAD, COFFEE, JUICE, FRESH BREAKFAST FOOD.  


Although their services are 24X7 hours, but their menu item is available only at 7:00 am - 11:00 pm.

Buffet item is generally available on  Saturday-Sunday.

All American Diner(AAD) review different by different people, companies but more on average their rating lie between 4-5 star. Some of the famous reviews are as follow:-


“A retro American 1950s diner, complete with red, faux-leather booth seating and a Wurlitzer jukebox, is not what you expect to find within the cultural heavyweight that is Indian Habitat Centre, but India is full of surprises. Ideal if you're in the mood for shakes, burgers, pancakes and waffles.” - lonely planet

“Ah, the typical American diner. Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe clocks. Black and white checkered flooring. Red vinyl bar stools. With comfort dishes like blueberry pancakes and skillets with hashbrowns and sausage, it all comes together at the All American Diner. Located in the India Habitat Center, the longs lines say it all.” - AFAR

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