The ABC of Digital Marketing: A guide for the novice
Sep 05 2019

Everywhere you turn, does the word ‘digital marketing’ just keep coming at you?  It will because digital marketing ( Digital Seva/social media/SEO ) is the new ‘it’ factor that is transforming businesses and peoples’ lives all around the world.

This popularity can be explained by the enormous impact the said field is having in almost every sphere of life.

Let’s take you back to the past from where it all began…

History of digital marketing

The answer to when it all began varies from person to person. One school of thought states that digital marketing began when the radio was invented. Thus, that makes Guglielmo Marconi the founder of digital marketing. Others say that it all began when the first email was sent by Ray Tomlinson to himself.

Without accepting these ambiguous answers, let us assume that digital marketing began when the search engines came into existence. This makes the 1990s the time when digital marketing was actually born.

The first search engine was called Archie. Archie indexed FTP websites. It was not as complex as today’s search engines.

In 1994 Yahoo was born and 3 years after that Google came into existence. This was the same time around which website owners thought of doing search engine optimization.

The year 2000 saw the emergence of many internet companies. Most of them failed. They acted as examples of how not to start a business on the internet. Another big event happened in 2000. Google had launched AdWords.


User-generated content, dynamic content, and social media later constituted the Web 2.0.

Other important events that marked the beginning of the digital era were:

  • The birth of YouTube in the year 2005.
  • Amazon’s sales touched $10 billion.
  • From 2014, mobile usage became far greater than desktop usage.
  • And the latest event is the emergence of AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Digital Marketing in the modern-day

Digital marketing has evolved to a great extent in the modern-day. Today, businesses can’t think of achieving their sales targets without involving digital marketing strategies.

Why digital marketing has such a huge impact?

  • Digital marketing has simplified marketing.
  • It has reduced the cost of marketing and advertising to one fourth.
  • Fine audience targeting has been made possible by digital marketing.
  • Digital marketing provides measurable results.
  • The results are fast and marketing strategies can be immediately implemented.
  • The reach of business has widened due to digital marketing.

It is needless to say that modern-day businesses will fail in the steep competition if they are falling behind in utilizing digital marketing. Having just a brick and mortar shop is no longer sufficient to attract the target customers. The target customers of businesses are online and therefore, businesses are shifting their focus to online mediums.

Different digital marketing strategies that modern businesses are utilizing:

  • Social Media Marketing

With the advent of the internet and mobile devices, most people spend their time online-that too mostly on social media sites. Businesses recognized this and they are shifting their focus from print and T.V. to these platforms.

There was a time when Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and others were solely used for sharing personal thoughts and connecting with people. Now, the domain of social media has been invaded by brands that are competing with each other for people’s attention. Social media ads and blog post sharing by a brand’s business page are all but an example of social media marketing.

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