The Ultimate Travel Kit
Jul 12 2019

                                                      The Travel Kit Essentials

 A well-stocked toiletry kit is essential to any trip—even a family one. There are always a handful of items you'll inevitably forget when you pack for any type of trip. So consider this your friendly reminder to pack these items first, before you dump your shoes and clothes into your suitcases. Your hotel may have a hair dryer in the bathroom but it definitely won’t have your favorite face cleanser.

 1.Face Hydrator

 Wear as little makeup as possible during a flight (especially a long one, or if you're a sleeper). The stale air is going to dry out your skin and heaps of pore-inhibiting makeup only make it worse. Instead, layer a face oil as soon as you sit down for an in-flight mini facial.

 2.Everywhere Salve
 Good things do come in small packages. Use balms that is made of natural ingredients that nurture and care for your skin and treat at extra-parched areas like lips, cuticles, elbows, around eyes to a few dabs right after boarding. Your newly soft parts will thank you upon arrival.

 3.Facial Mist
 You know post-plane tightness that takes over your face upon landing? A few spritzes of a hydrating face mist acts like an instant fix. Close your eyes and spray directly at the center of your face two to three times (avoid misting fellow passengers) for a quick boost.
Image                                                                                                                                            4.Hand Sanitizer 

Don't even think about entering germ-central without bringing this essential item. Pass on the skin-stripping, chemical-laden versions for one balanced with nourishing ingredients like essential oils. 

5.Hand cream

After you sanitize— moisturize! Look for one with a mix of both humectants (like glycerin) to draw in moisture and occlusive (like natural oils) to seal it in. It is not only available in the perfect portable size, but also contains a laundry list of wonderfully rich ingredients.

 We're just going to say it— planes sometimes stink. A Stress Fix Concentrate combats those less-than-pleasant moments and imparts a generally delightful feeling of well-being and calm with its blend of French lavender and clary sage. A dot on the wrists, neck, and under the nose will have you entering a zen state in no time.

 7.Sleep Mask
This might be the most essential of all airplane beauty essentials. Our all-time-favorite sleep mask is gentle on delicate eye area skin. The black lining won't stain if you're wearing any in-flight skincare.

 8.Makeup Multitasker
 Coming in for a landing, you should be well-hydrated, germ-free, and feeling generally at ease with existence. But before you face the glaring, merciless airport lights, tap a little Rouge on your lips and cheeks. It brightens but doesn't look like makeup and will positively melt into your crazy-moisturized face. Mirror included!

 9.Cleansing Wipes
 Sweep off every trace of makeup and dirt, and even brighten skin with lemon peel and apple extracts. Plus, they're biodegradable, so you don't have to worry about waste. And at three bucks, there's no better deal on the market.

 10.A.M. Face
 The only product you need to apply in the morning:  serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, and just enough tint to blur flaws.

 11.P.M. Face

 Almost every skin type can benefit from Soothing Cream. A tiny bit of the basic almond oil moisturizer goes a long way toward softening and quelling any irritation while you sleep.

 12.Dry Shampoo

 Do you want to wash your hair every day on vacation? We don't either. At night, spray Dry Shampoo under layers at roots and brush through. The spray's rice starch will absorb oil while you sleep, add body, and impart a fresh scent, so no one will know your (dirty hair) secret.


13.Hair Styler :-
 The only hair styling product you'll need— straight, wavy, curly, whatever. Olive oil based Glossing Cream functions equally as a leave-in conditioner and styling cream. Just a tiny bit has the ability to transform the saddest, dullest, frizziest of strands into shiny, happy, bouncy tresses.

 14.A little bit of everything

With everything from a calming, organic toner, toothpaste, body lotion, conditioner, hair and body wash to a scrub that smooth your body instantly, consider your skin taken care of when traveling. 

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I’m passionate and a learner.
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