The "Ayee-Hayee" Indian Curries.
Apr 23 2019

Indian's have a vast variety of lip licking curries, unmatchable, from every state. To fulfill our ever growing hungry tummies, the list of 210 curries have been jot down by 2018 survey. The collection includes potato curry recipes, paneer curry recipes, chicken curry recipes, rogan josh recipes and other popular vegetarian and non-vegetarian curry recipes from North Indian and South Indian delicious cuisines.

North Indian has a big bunch of curries, whether you are looking for some spicy gravy, based curry, just some dry vegetable or some chicken curries we have it all for you. And never to forget to have these North Indian dishes with chapati or rice and fulfill all your spicy food cravings anytime. Here are a list of few forever in demand curries of all time:-


1) Veg Kolhapuri

2) Dum aloo

3) Chana masala curry(chole)

4) Rajma curry

5) Paneer Butter masala 

And many more.



1) Punjabi Chicken curry

2) Mughlai Chicken curry

3) Mutton curry

4) Dhaba style mutton curry

5) Egg curry

And there are way more to the list.


Let's relish the ravishing South Indian curries as well:-

1) Theeyal 

2) Drumstick vegetable curry

3) Curd curry

4) Chettinad curry

5) Coconut curry

And has an evergreen list of curries.


The above are a group of small listicle, we have more to fit in our tummies. India is a vast country of with each region having its own culture and food preferences. This reflects in food and Indian gravies have strong regional variations. Most of the Indian gravies in general thicker when compared to other gravies or curries around the globe as it consists of whole red chilies, coriander seeds, ginger, fennel seeds, tamarind, garlic and list goes on-and-on.

It's not just the spices we Indians add but it consists of emotions and feelings attached to it is also one of the secret ingredients. 

Food is not just having ingredients rather it's an "Art" we taste, love and live with.

The "Ayee-Hayee" from mouth after every bite is a must none can deny. 

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