Pegan Diet- a diet everyone needs
May 30 2019

“Life is too short to eat raw and it’s even shorter if you don’t.”

You must have heard this quote lot many times. But did you taste such sort of diet?  Then, bonjour everyone out there. We’ve bought for you all an amazing diet: Pegan Diet. The pegan diet is a hybrid of Paleo Diet and Vegan Die. Come on!! We understand that no one wants to compromise with taste, but this is a diet with taste and health compound.


If the vegan and paleo diet had a baby, it’d be the pegan diet. Like paleo diet, paganism calls for the inclusion of pasture-raised or grass fed meat and eggs, and lots if healthy fats, and restricted carbs. Plus, it borrows the plant-heavy, non diary elements of veganism. There are difference between this hybrid version and the traditional diets. For example, unlike the paleo diet, paganism allows for small amount of beans and gluten-free whole grains.


The pegan diet combines what is best about the both of these diets into principles that anyone can follow,” says Dr. Hyman.” It focuses on a mostly plant rich diet because I do think  that plant foods should take up the majority of the plate by volume, but it also includes animal protein which can be a part of a healthy diet. He describes a day of pegan eating as for example pasture raised eggs with tomato and avocado for breakfast, a salad loaded with vegetables and healthy fats for lunch, and meat and fish with vegetables and a small amount of black rice for dinner.


The pegan diet combines some principles of paleo diet and veganism and prescribes a plant-based eating style. Followers eat vegetables, fruits, meat, and eggs. And the avoid dairy products, grains, legumes, sugar, and processed food.

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