Jun 29 2019

* Gut friendly food: - Where there is fermenting pickling and preserving reaching the mainstream our panel agrees that gut health is set to be a big food trend for 2019. This includes probiotics like kimchi miso and kefir and prebiotics such as onions, garlic and other aliums.  Image

*Booze free beverages: - Premier tonic water with interesting flavours non alcoholic spirits and botanical mixes are flooding in to fill a gap in the market.


*Hawaiian Food: - Even though we don’t get sushi in London as it is hard to find there but from next year it is they will likely cross into the main stream.

*Timut pepper: - This is a peooer which is from Nepal, is spicy, zesty and leaves a tingly residual heat on plate.


*Specialized tea jasmine & ginger festive tea: - Sales of herbal and green tea in particular continue to rise for consumption at home so it’s likely that small number of tea bars that we’ve see pooping up may also start to proliferate on the high street.


 *Herbal local food: - One of the figureheads for this movement is Danish chef René Redzepi who is doing just that at his two-Michelin-starred Copenhagen restaurant Noma. Tony Naylor observes that at home, too, there are more and more “restaurants are applying a Redzepi-like sense of localism to their ingredients.


* Heme:- Not available to buy yet, heme – pronounced ‘heem ‘ (from the Greek word for ‘blood’) – is at the cutting edge of food science, and is a possible stepping stone to more environmentally sustainable meat alternatives.Image

Plant-based protein: - With more and more chefs embracing ingredients such as tofu, tempeh and quinoa, veganism is on the rise. Food blogger Angry Chef talks about redefined Indian cuisine (rich with pulses) as a growing trend, with restaurants taking dishes back to their plant-based roots with originality and mass appeal. 


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